A Blessed Time in India

20130829-india-womenGreetings on behalf of Chelsey, Diane, Michelle, and Peggy in Mumbai, India!  This message will be brief since they have intermittent access to WiFi.

They arrived safely in Mumbai on Saturday with all of their luggage and training supplies – praise God!  They worshipped at Avatar Church in Bandra, Mumbai on Sunday morning, and today was their first day of the “Image of Hope” seminar for Oasis India staff who are diligently working to rescue and restore women and girls from the horrors of human trafficking.  The seminar will continue on Tuesday and conclude on Wednesday, and they look forward to visiting Oasis India field programs on Thursday.  We received word that they are having a blessed time and everyone is happy to be together!

This Friday we will have the pleasure of Skyping with the India team as part of our monthly First Friday prayer and fast gathering!  If you live locally, please join us at 11:30 am to hear firsthand how the “Image of Hope” seminar went!  We meet at our office, located at 2101 Vista Parkway in West Palm Beach.

Pray that our team will experience a supernatural filling of the Holy Spirit so they can continue to pour themselves out through the act of equipping women leaders in India!

In Christ’s service,

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