Afraid Yet Filled With Joy!

women-discover-an-empty-tombSo the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell His disciples.  Suddenly Jesus met them.
Matthew 28:8

Have you ever felt this way — afraid, yet filled with joy?  I have!  There have been several moments in my life where this might be the best possible description of my heart — afraid of what I see before me, yet somehow at the very same time filled with joy because I know that God is greater than any situation.  As we move through the season of Lent and approach Easter, we have the perfect opportunity to sit before the Lord Jesus and ask Him to replace any fear that we might have with His joy and His strength.

We asked the precious women leaders we know overseas to share their thoughts on this mysterious combination of fear and joy we can experience.  Two of their poignant reflections are below:

Yes, I have had such feelings more than once.  For example, when my son got a seat in Biola University, we were very happy, but had great fear inside.  He was going into a new culture, new situations, and didn’t have enough money.  College offered some campus jobs, but would he be able to manage working and studying?  We sent him alone, putting him in God’s hands.

Again, we had some inner fears whenever the children were married, and at the time of their confinements.  When their children became sick, we had fear and joy, but also a feeling that God was in control of our inner situation as well as our financial managements.  God’s love was always constraining us not to exhibit any sort of fear at difficult situations to others around.
— Shriya

Yes, the Lord is good, I understand very well that feeling that you talk about it — fear of the difficult situation, yet at the same time, knowing there is Someone who is stronger than all the difficult situations giving you peace, joy, and strength.
— Anat

What about you?  How have you experienced fear and joy, yet God’s strength in the midst of difficult circumstances?

Yours because I’m His,

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