Bubbling Over with JOY!

imagesG1P2YU50I love the way David prays.  He is full on, out loud, and straight up in every conversation with our LORD God. Never mind that he is talking with the Creator of the Universe.  You don’t find David holding back or backing up.  He is honest and engaged, and receives the same response from our loving God!  David’s version of JOY is unfettered worship as he sheds the façade of religiosity and embodies authentic praise.

And clearly we see that God loves that type of a relationship and receives His worthy portion of praise! God loves deep conversation and loving humble worship from an honest and open heart.  David’s prayer life bubbles over with praise and leads others to do the same:

“They shall pour forth (original language = bubble over!) the fame of Your great and abundant goodness, and shall sing aloud of Your rightness and justice.” — Psalm 145:7, The Amplified Bible

I sense the Lord calling me to seek the Joy of His salvation in 2014. Joy not tied to my circumstances, but rather Joy that is tied to my God!  And like David, I long to be authentic in praise, open and honest with fear, and humble with an honest heart – all of which becomes a beautiful sacrifice of love, and yes, unfettered, bubbling over Joy to my God, the Lord God omnipotent who reigns and is coming again!

How about you?  What do you sense God calling you to in 2014? For the women we serve in the 10/40 Window of the world, Joy often seems elusive.  Their circumstances are clearly not ones that would indicate happy times and easy lifestyles.  But most often I find that their Joy far surpasses mine.  Why? Because their Joy is tied to their God and not to their circumstances.  They have continually found God faithful in places of great sorrow, difficulty, and perplexity.  And their God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is always, always, always faithful!  So let’s join in their Joy song together in 2014:

“I will sing a new song to You, O God; upon a harp, an instrument of ten strings, will I offer praises to You.” — Psalm 144:9, The Amplified Bible

We invite you to visit our Facebook page to learn more!  Most of all, we invite you to pray with us for the women of the 10/40 Window and to join us in serving Him and them with JOY!

Joyfully yours,

Please pray with us for the following deep needs of the women we serve and partner with:

  • North African and Middle Eastern women will gather for a Health training vision seminar later this month so that they can be refreshed and retooled for even greater service in their context. Pray that they will receive their visas which are often denied by their Islamic governments!
  • Women who work with and rescue the trafficked women and girls of India are lining up for the training written by our women’s leader, Dr. Peggy Banks.  Pray for our team, Michelle, Diane, and Peggy, as they travel across India to bring the “Image of Hope” training to these willing workers.  Pray for times of refreshment to come from the Lord (Romans 15:32)!
  • Women in the Window International staff, Servant Leaders, and Board of Directors will have keen insight and abundant wisdom as we develop a strategy of networking with like-minded ministry partners.  Our focus is on training women with reproducible and sustainable methods so that women are equipped and empowered to multiply the Good News!

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