Clean Hands Clean Heart - Elizabeth Part 2

Clean Hands Clean Heart

“Did you wash your hands?”

While this may not be a culturally correct and commonly asked question in West Africa, this is exactly what women are learning to ask of those they love. However, through the pandemic there has been more education about the benefits of handwashing before sitting down to a communal meal. Women in the Window International has been educating about the benefits for years through our Health trainings, and now, through the Clean Hands, Clean Heart training, we are providing a whole lot more!

Our ministry partner, Amevivina Care, led by Mama Elizabeth and her growing team, bring this tangible message of the Good News to women in rural villages who may not have heard the gospel. Help us fund a training this month that empowers them with an opportunity for a micro-business making soap and sanitizers. $3,500 provides these women with training, hands on experience, and an initial inventory to sell. Donate here

And before we let you go, here’s a personal Clean Hands, Clean Heart challenge: Every time you wash your hands, think about the attitude of your heart. Is it washed clean by the love of Jesus? Does it rest in that love? Does it reflect that love?

Surrounded by His grace, surrendered to His love,


Mama Elizabeth
Mama Elizabeth



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