Devotional Blesses Thousands of Women in Holy Land

JerusalemIn honor of Mother’s Day, Women in the Window International is supporting a women’s outreach in the Holy Land!  Our ministry partner there, Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach (JEO), has issued a special edition of a women’s weekly devotional.  This booklet includes devotions written by women that feature biblical stories of women which address issues that Arab women face daily.

Praise God with us for how He is using this devotional to speak His love and truth to the women who receive it!

From JEO staff:
We praise God for working through our women’s outreach activities.  After printing more than 5,000 copies of the women’s devotional booklet we distributed more than 70% of them to Israeli and Palestinian Arab women of different backgrounds. We got positive feedback from everyone as they were encouraged by the content and stories of the Bible!  We will continue distributing the booklets through the year in new areas in the north and south of the Holy Land. Women in the Window is helping with the ongoing project in April and May.

We are also publishing daily devotions via social media platforms for hundreds of people, especially targeting non-Christian women:

One woman of the Druze community in the north of Israel was touched by the booklet as she read through it. She asked us for 20 copies of that booklet because she liked it and wants the other Druze women to read it, so we gave her what she requested. In the Druze religion, it is okay if a person learns about other religions before they choose to become religious men and women. We pray for these women to be touched and changed by what they read.

The following words are from Arab non-Christian women who participated in our women’s outreach where the booklet was distributed:

“I’ve been distressed and feeling a lot of worry all the time. I asked God to help me carry my burdens, and today I received this confirmation from God through your words and He helped me indeed.”

“I love it when we women open up and express our emotions and concerns freely. I learned to believe that God is here for me always.”

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