Divine Design of Beauty for Yazidi Women

Divine Design of Beauty for Yazidi Women

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14

Divine Design of Beauty for Yazidi Women

Thank you for your fervent prayers for our Middle East Trainings. God is blessing each training with extraordinary moments of Grace as we connect with the heart of each Middle Eastern woman we serve ...

Here's a brief report from our training in Iraq:

We safely arrive in Erbil, Iraq, and quickly settle in for our WiW training from the Bible study book, Essentials. Each of the 5 essentials highlights a topic of keen interest and significance for women. The Yazidi women's group had chosen the topic: Beauty that Lasts.

Through the 'windows' of inductive narrative Bible study, we explore the background of Esther's story in vivid detail. The women embrace each detail of her story...as if it was their own. We were soon to conclude just how much they have in common with this beautiful young orphan girl who was living as an exile. Her oppression mirrored their oppression. Could it be that her victory won through faith and courage could also become theirs?

In 2014, Daesh (ISIS) unleashed genocidal atrocities against religious minorities, Yazidi, Christian, and others. Praise God their external chains have been broken, but their trauma requires more time and prayerful attention.

How wonderful to participate in God's divine design of healing for these beautiful women. The result of their study revealed that Esther had to wait 9 years before her circumstances changed. They have been oppressed for 9 years and are beginning to see their lives changing...and their hearts healing.

FINALLY, we concluded the day as we met online with Dr. Diane Langberg through our WiW Gather and Grow workshop along with WiW ministry partners from ten nations. Diane powerfully spoke to the deep issues of soul care and healing from trauma. When we asked what she recommends for survivors of emotional,  sexual and physical abuse she gently said, "I prescribe Beauty. Taking time to reflect on beauty is a wonderful way to find healing and hope in the Creator of all beauty."

What an incredible connection to our topic of the training: Beauty that Lasts! He truly does make everything beautiful in His time.

PRAYER REQUESTS-- Will you join us in prayer for these beautiful Yazidi women who have opened their hearts to Christ, asking for their continued spiritual and emotional healing?

And in prayer for more of God's power for the remaining days of training here in the Middle East as WiW serves more women leaders?

And finally for safe and uneventful travels back to the USA on Sunday, May 15th!

Thank you! Please be sure to let us know how to best pray for you and yours too 🙏🏽

Amazed by His Grace,

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