Do you know how much you’re worth?

Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

The story of one woman in Nepal was heartbreaking.   Her husband threatened to chase her out of the house and get a new wife if the baby she was expecting turned out to be a boy, because he already had a son.  She earnestly sought the Lord in prayer.  You see, it is almost impossible to survive as an abandoned woman in South Asia.

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is grateful to God for her beautiful new daughter. This agonizing story became redemptive as she saw for herself the undeniable love of our God through the inductive study of His Word. And, she even helped the other women embrace the timeless truths of God’s Word: NOTHING can stop God’s plan and He ALWAYS fulfills His promises.

What’s your first response to this question? For many of us, we might focus on our net worth (as in dollars and cents). But if you are one of the young women attending our Women in the Window servant leadership trainings in Nepal, your concept of worth is dramatically different. Our WiW team traveled to Nepal in December 2019 and had the joy of training 87 women leaders. Each of these women were eager to learn and apply servant leadership principles into their own lives and ministries. And most have heartbreaking stories of how little they are valued in their culture, and for many, even in their own families.

You are a priceless addition to the Women in the Window International community. Thank you for helping us bring this message of God’s implausible love and the inestimable worth of each person, including women and girls, to thousands more in 2020.

Please join us in prayer for the following requests:

  1. Wisdom and provision for our staff as we develop strategy to train “next generation” leaders who are eager to grow in their influence and aptitude.
  2. Volunteers who are available to travel and train in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and meet the growing number of training requests we receive!
  3. February training in East Africa as the widows who have received micro-enterprise training provide this training for nearly 100 more widows.