Have you seen them?

Faith expressing itself through love! OR The ONLY thing that matters!

Have you seen them? Many advertisements and communication tools include this year’s date, “2020,” as a reminder that we need vision—clear vision—in times like these.  It’s true. Without vision, we stumble and even fall. But when we approach life with His clear vision, we see clearly once again that, “the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love” (Galatians 5:6 NIV).

This past week we had the joy of reuniting with several Women in the Window MENA ministry partners for a time of rejoicing in what God is doing in their midst, coupled with the difficult reality of their current circumstances which includes much persecution and political turmoil. They shared how God is at work through stories—factual accounts—that closely resemble the work of the Lord in the book of Acts.

We heard amazing testimonies of Muslims trusting Christ through dreams, visions, and testimonies. But also, of women, especially widows, facing severe affliction that seem beyond their ability to bear if it were not for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the help of God’s people. Girls are forbidden to receive an education and married to elderly men by the age of 13. Young girls taken as slaves for ISIS.

We cried, and sometimes laughed, always praying together. Through the power of prayer and their powerful testimonies, Women in the Window gained 2020 vision for the best way to serve our Lord together, with faith that expresses itself through love!

With faith in His perfect love,


Thank you for making ALL of this possible through YOUR fervent prayers and faithful offerings!

Want to learn more about our work in the MENA region? Join us for our 2020 Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, March 31st to hear one of our ministry partners from the MENA region share firsthand accounts of God at work in. Reserve your place at the table by calling 561-249-5377 or visit our website: https://womeninthewindow-intl.org/event/remember-and-rejoice-spring-luncheon/