Farewell, North Africa!

Our training ended on Saturday, and we are now resting and reflecting on the wonderful time we spent with the 28 Spirit-led women leaders who attended. They were wise in the Word of God, attentive to the health and biblical lessons, and enthusiastic to share their experiences with us.  There are many barriers for women in this region of the world, and our training participants see these struggles every day among the women to whom they minister. They came from four nations in North Africa and the Middle East eager to learn, and they left eager to put their newfound knowledge to use in their own ministries.

Training Highlights:

  • The women enjoyed the handouts, the abundance of visual material, and the expectation to participate.
  • In fact, they did not want the sessions to end!  They continued to ask more questions, and give more answers to the questions posed.
  • They loved “observing” Lydia in the Bible and wanted to go deeper in finding truths from the Word of God.
  • Their skits to reflect biblical truths were very creative and even drawn from real life experiences of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued good health and strength; the heat here drains the energy out of us.
  • Safe travels as Ila returns to the US on September 9th and Amgad travels to see family in the region (she returns to the US later this month).
  • The Lord’s protection over the women and the leadership of our ministry partner, AWEMA.
  • The leadership of AWEMA as they follow up with the women to see how they are using the tools we offered.
  • Wisdom and discernment for us as we look toward 2016 and follow-up trainings.

We were honored and blessed to be asked to return so that we can go deeper with this group!  We pray that if the Lord wills, we will return to North Africa in 2016 and have the joy of seeing these amazing women once again!

With love and joy in Jesus,
Ila and Amgad