Finding the Man of Her Dreams

imaginealt216x9__lightbox169When asked how she first learned about Jesus, she eagerly responded, “From Jesus Himself!”  You see, like thousands of others, she first met Jesus in a dream.  It is said that as many as 80 to 90% of those living in the Arab and Islamic world first learn of Jesus in a dream.  It is a crime punishable by death to lead a Muslim to Christ, but God always makes a way for His will to be done.  Even as His Son came to this earth more than 2,000 years ago preaching, teaching, and healing, He continues to seek the lost in our generation through His followers and even through dreams and visions.  He loves us so intensely and will stop at nothing to have us with Him forever!

In just a few days from now, Women in the Window will welcome Ameera, a woman who was found by Christ and has a powerful story to tell of her own salvation, and the salvation and growth of many more women in the Arab world.  We are thrilled that Ameera will share her story at our inaugural Spring Luncheon at The Beach Club in Palm Beach on Wednesday, March 11th at 11:30 a.m. There are still a few seats available and you can either register online or call our office at 561-249-5377.

If you are unable to attend, please pray for God’s Spirit to actively work through the luncheon to ignite our hearts to the work He has called us to in reaching women in the 10/40 Window and beyond.  Our recent training in Europe resulted in dozens more women leaders feeling better equipped to lead other women in their circles of influence, yet eager to receive more teaching that will help them lead spiritually and in practical ways, too!  They long for more time together to learn from the Lord and one another.

Please praise the Lord and pray together with us…

  • Excellent training in Europe this past month with creative and godly women leaders working in diverse and often difficult circumstances.  Pray for effective and timely follow up.
  • Women leaders in West Africa are continuing to pass on the trainings brought to them in 2014 as they train other women who will train still others later this month!
  • Seek creative ways to meet the many requests (currently more than we have the capacity for!) to train women leaders in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East!
  • Ask the Lord for resources, both financial and non-financial, as we seek to minister to the women leaders who are in turn ministering to other women in their own nations.
  • Excellent communication with ministry partners in spite of Internet problems, time zone differences, and cultural norms
  • Opportunities for women to cross cultures and bring their wisdom to other nations, such as West African women ministering among Arab women and Asian women serving the Africans!
  • Ask God to remove any old ways of thinking and working and replace them with His ways that are always new,  life-giving, and rich with His eternal treasures of peace, joy, and love!

In Christ’s love and joy,

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