From Prison to Praise!

First, the Discerning—Then, the Doing. From Prison to Praise!

When the shadow of COVID-19 appeared across the globe, Women in the Window International entered into a deeper season of discernment than ever before. The process of spiritual discernment has been foundational to WiW since its inception, but 2020 deepened our dependency on Christ in ways that we would never have experienced otherwise. My prayer, dear friend, is that this is also true for you.

As we prayed for discernment, online trainings became a clear next step.  Servant Leadership has been one of the most effective trainings we have provided.  Each and every WIW training includes a narrative or story, from the Bible taught through the “windows” of the inductive Bible study method. In the month of September, we partnered with AWT & NEO to train more than 30 women from 9 different Arab world nations who enthusiastically participated in our WiW online servant leadership and narrative Bible study.

Each participant is asked to multiply the training into the lives of other women. The following story epitomizes their sphere of influence—from the prisons of Sudan to Middle Eastern leadership circles.

Dear Sister Kim,

Thank God for the servant leadership training and Women in the Window inductive Bible study method.  I’m so glad to have had such an amazing experience. Thank you for your invitation. ????

We learned things which I am now able to share with others.

On 24th of September, I was sharing a word of God with women in prison by the inductive method with the story of the widow’s oil in 2 Kings 4:1- 7.

They thoroughly enjoyed this method as it made sharing so much easier.

I also taught the servant leadership lessons to my leadership team.

Please keep us in your prayers as we face many hardships here in Sudan.

Much love in Jesus Christ ????

We are confident the shadow of COVID-19 will be lifted and we pray that it happens soon. Nevertheless, we will continue to joyfully serve our Savior shoulder to shoulder with women leaders in Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East each day and in every way possible. Thank YOU for your faithful prayers and generous support. Even women prisoners of Sudan are rejoicing in Christ today, because of YOU.

Yours, because I’m His,


P.S. If you’d like to see more accounts of Discerning and then Doing, visit our website to read our entire WiW Newsletter: LINK

P.P.S. Stay tuned for exciting information about how you can help provide a Christmas Gift Exchange for the faithful women we serve in Africa, Asia and the Middle East!


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