From the land of His birth…

As we prepare to celebrate one of the greatest days in all of history, the birth of our Savior, we have an update from the land of His birth; yes, the same region where Jesus Christ, the Messiah, was born.

Our Women in the Window team completed their Leadership training in late November in the Middle East. Thirty women from five different countries in North Africa and The Middle East attended the training. They were enthusiastic to learn more about God’s Word and how to apply principles of Leadership in each of their ministries.

Some highlights of the training include:

  • Charifa and Maya attended the previous WiW Health training and have used the training with both groups of believers of non-believers. They said that they felt a heightened sense of trust and respect from the women they were teaching and plan to continue training others!
  • Several women, experiencing trials and difficulties, expressed that they were completely “soaked” in the love, support, and counseling from their sisters in Christ through this training. They return to their settings enabled to help other women in like manner.
  • The women are eager to take on more leadership responsibilities in both their ministries and in our trainings! In a region where culturally women do not typically take on any leadership roles, it is a blessing to see the Lord work in their hearts to stir up this desire.

Our ministry partner from this region has expressed a desire that we expand our reach into more of the Middle Eastern nations in 2017. Women in the Arab world are often marginalized, oppressed, or far worse, as a result of the Islamic worldview and terrorism on the rise. Yet, when women are equipped and understand who they are in Christ, they can bring their gentle strength into their homes, families, communities of faith, and yes, their nations! Please pray with us that God will enable WiW to accomplish all of His will for the women we serve in the 10/40 window and beyond in 2017. His will=nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else!

And may you join with all of us here at Women in the Window International as we say,

Peace on earth, and good news for all mankind! Rejoice our Savior, yes, the Savior of all nations, has been born and will reign forevermore…

Merry Christmas to you and yours!