From His Fullness

10314740_628807750530839_3490007136386435272_nEach morning we awake to the sound of the “call to prayer” coming from the local imams as they chant prayers from the Koran, desperately seeking the favor of God and salvation found only in Christ.  This dismal sound is also a call to prayer for us who passionately follow our Lord Jesus Christ, and a poignant reminder that so many still await the Good News of the Gospel. The population of the Gambia is 99% Muslim.  We are privileged to be here for such a time as this, and sense that God is mightily at work!

As we make our way to the training center, we pass at least 5 mosques in only a 15 minute drive before we find our way to the site where 50 women leaders gather to receive the fullness of God’s love and grace.  We know that when the Lord Jesus was here on earth, He was the embodiment of God’s fullness and distributed grace upon grace to all who would receive Him (John 1:16)!  Not everyone received His generous offer, and the same holds true in our generation, but for all of us who do receive, the well of His fullness never runs dry!

The women of West Africa come to this training with humble hearts and open hands. Their faces radiate with joy as they increase their understanding of how He is the fullness they have longed for, and that He cares for their emotional, physical, and financial poverty even as He does the poverty of their spirits. The ministry of Women in the Window International is positioned to distribute His fullness to them in order to increase their capacity to share Christ’s love and truth with more women, children, families, churches, and communities

Please continue to pray for our training this week, and the one next week in Togo.  And pray for the capacity-building challenges we face throughout the 10/40 Window in uncertain times and often difficult places.  Pray that God’s truth will take root and bear much fruit so that His grace and glory will cover the earth with true salvation found in Jesus Christ alone.

Joyfully His,

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Prayer Requests

  • Good health, good time management for all 3 trainings, continued energy, and JOY!
  • The training includes at least 3 different languages. Pray for the ability to understand not only what is being said, but also what is meant by what is being said.
  • Praise God that excellent partnership strategies are emerging with the Evangelical Church of the Gambia, the Global Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Network, and the pastors’ wives and women leaders of Ghana within Watchman Gospel Ministry.
  • Praise God for excellent unity within our team, the women leaders here, and the Heartbeat of Africa team also serving with us here.


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