Grace and Peace to You from Nepal

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul began his  letters with this salutation, we feel honored to borrow this greeting from him to update you on our progress as we are completing our first training here in Butwal, Nepal. God did more than we imagined; we were expecting 35 women to attend, God pleasantly surprised us with 57 women. Praise God!

Our training in Butwal was a great success in these ways:

First of all, the goal of teaching the Nepali women that they are valued and loved by God through teaching a Bible story about a woman using the Women in the Window narrative inductive Bible study method was extremely effective. We used the story of Jehosheba in 2 Chronicles 22:10-12.

Secondly, the women were able to demonstrate through songs, skits and verbal communication in small groups that they understood what God meant when He wrote the biblical narrative.

As for the servant leadership training, the women simply loved learning about each other’s love languages and how they can use love languages to serve those they lead.

One woman said she plans to share the Authenticity in Leadership lesson with her youth group!

Lastly, in our estimation God made this first training a great success because of the love and fellowship that the women showed us. It was hard to leave as they all wanted to take a picture and many selfies with us. They could not thank us enough as they hugged us, gave us gifts and shared a late meal with us at Gopal’s house. We now have new sisters in Christ that we will fellowship with now through technology and for eternity.

Praise God:
-for the new plans for multiplication
-for what we learned from the Nepali women
-for the fellowship

Pray for:

  • Stamina for the next training session
  • For continued safe travels, good health and rest
  • for endurance for our interpreter & co-teacher, Sushma
  • For the Holy Spirit to enable the women to be receptive to the teaching
  • Thanks for your continued prayers.

In His service,
Servants, Serving Sacrificially for our Savior,
Tiny Sarah, Sherri, Shirley & Sushma


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