Greetings from Nairobi

Greetings from Nairobi!  We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

To summarize our trip so far:

young girl from sudanThe 4-day conference in Juba, South Sudan was wonderful, busy, intense, non-stop — and a tremendous blessing.  We had a welcome from the local pastors as well as a Christian woman who is the country’s Minister of Gender and Social Development.  Teaching included an introduction to Women in the Window Bible study, women’s health, and information regarding HIV/AIDS.  Separate trainings were held for micro-enterprise and both basic and advanced computer skills.

The days following were filled with visits to local churches.  We were warmly welcomed by the various church groups of Women of the Good News, and we heard from some of the conference attendees what they had learned.  They are anxious to teach other women this information.

Monday we traveled to Nairobi.  We were struck by the change in temperature — from 100 degrees to about 70.  We’re cold!  Today, Lord willing, we will be joined by Beatrice Gachube to visit a local orphanage and see some of Nairobi.  Tomorrow we will be attending a meeting of the Sheepfold Ministries as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.  I (Cherie) will be teaching an introduction to the Women in the Window Bible study.  Thursday we make preparations for the return trip, and will arrive in Miami on Friday afternoon.

Our two new-to-Africa team members, Audrey and Bryce, have been great, and our South Sudanese brothers and sisters have already invited them back for another conference!  We all feel that we have learned and received far more than we have given, and we thank the Lord for this opportunity. We appreciate your prayers for us during these final days, and especially as we travel home.

With much love for all of us,
Cherie & Larry Parker

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