Hit the ground running!

Our WiW teams are on the ground in the Middle East and Asia and hit the ground running! Here are some updates from our Servant Leaders Sarah and Diane, below. I have also heard from both of our ministry partners with glowing comments AND gratitude PLUS how grateful the women leaders are who are being trained.

From Sarah in the Middle East:

Today the ladies finished the training. Fantastic training! Women were lively and talkative and eager to grow in their already-solid views of how God created us as women! They talked and shared open (with a lot of laughter and questions) when we got to the health curriculum —especially reproduction and fertility. We stopped in the middle of training to pray for women who have suffered from genital mutilation, and celebrated a great God who made us so uniquely and creatively to bear His image. The team is fantastic and everyone is doing great!


From Diane and Michelle in Asia:

We are humbled by the sacrifices women made to attend and the value placed on both the methods used and information covered. The health topics prompted many questions and the women openly shared personal health concerns. We were graced to have a local nurse in attendance who assisted us. By the end of our time together, she was already planning to train others to use these lessons in rural areas where they are desperately needed. She told us, “Not only can we teach the health information, but also the Word of God.”

Please continue to pray for renewed strength and the ability to be fully engaged as these teams move forward and begin another training.