How are YOU?

How are YOU?
This familiar question has taken on an entirely new depth of meaning in these days of “sheltering in place!” It’s not unusual to pass someone you know, or even that you don’t know, and greet them with these 3 words. And while they are often poised as a question, truth is, we really don’t expect an answer. And if we receive an honest reply, we may offer a blank stare in return. But in recent weeks, we are all learning how to ask and answer this simple question with an honest, heartfelt reply. How delightful.

And, with that said, this is exactly what we would like to ask you. . .
just how are YOU? And we REALLY do want an answer. In fact, we have rearranged our schedule and our website just so that we can reply. As we embrace this Holy Week of our Lord’s suffering and overcoming victory, we want to pray for you!

PLEASE reply to this email or visit our Pray Page on the website to post a private or public response.

And, how are we at Women in the Window International doing? So glad you asked!! We are thrilled to share that God is giving us renewed joy and glimpses of far better days ahead through our:

VITAL connections with our ministry partners: request our April prayer guide that includes prayer and praise points from the Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to learn how you can vitally connect through prayer. PLUS, visit WiW Facebook page for ministry posts during Holy Week!

VIBRANT prayer and preparation continue to characterize our morning staff meetings on Zoom as we gather to assess and augment our WiW daily, weekly, monthly and annual operations. Our monthly prayer gathering welcomed 20 new prayer partners! Mark your calendar now for Friday, May 1st!

VICTORIOUS outcomes will result! We are STILL poised to have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR international trainings led by our WiW ministry partners. They have received first and second level trainings; and many are now prepared to serve as top-level trainers in their own regions.

“And this is the VICTORY that overcomes the world, even our faith.”
1 John 5:4

Your continued support of time, talent and treasure makes this reply – vital connections, vibrant prayer and preparation and victorious outcomes—our reality. Thank you! We hope to hear from you today!!

Sheltered in Him,


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