Introducing Celine

Though we’ve never met Celine…we thank God that Mama Elizabeth has! 

Women in the Window wants to introduce you to Celine. Not Celine Dion, the famous Canadian vocalist, but Celine the single mom. Celine is a young West African woman who was severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Her life was difficult prior to the pandemic but became nearly impossible as they sheltered in place. All the while, Elizabeth, one of our incredibly creative women leaders, was exhibiting the patience of Christ, as she was poised with a purpose—a purpose of provision for women like Celine!

 Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received EVERY DAY.
Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received

Elizabeth’s Clean Hands + Clean Hearts training and enterprise is enabling women to not merely survive, but to thrive! Celine now has a sustainable business and is finding ways to market her products to provide for herself and her children. She is also helping her community with cleaning products that literally help eradicate the virus.  And not only that, we can joyfully share with you,  that you can meet Elizabeth during our next First Friday Prayer zoom gathering February 5 at noon.

Celine's days are now filled with JOY!
Celine’s days are now filled with JOY!

Last but not at all least, her heart of love and joy (John 15:11) is overflowing as she shares the Good News of this Savior who loves us so much that He gave His very life to make our hearts into His Home.
It has been our joy to introduce you to Celine. And…it is our joy to introduce you to an opportunity to get involved in a big way. In the month of February, WiW Ministry Partner, Elizabeth in West Africa (whom you’ve just read about) will be training another 30+ women in WiW’s Microbusiness capacity training which will equip even more single mothers like Celine to be able to support themselves and their families. $3500 provides what is needed for these women to receive lifechanging training. Will you pray about partnering with WiW and Elizabeth?

Yours because I’m His,

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