Lydia's Story - Unexpected Blessings

Lydia’s Story – Unexpected Blessings

Lydia  is a brilliant sister with a diploma in English. But due to political oppression and economic depression, she has never found a job. She is my spiritual daughter and I trained her to help me with many translation projects.  She helped me translate Essentials Bible study into French and learned to love the study! But the biggest blessing came when I gave her the 7 WiW micro-business lessons to translate. . . After finishing them and sending them to me, her comments brought tears to my eyes:

“I know that the Lord gave me this project to translate and be blessed by it. I have wanted to start my own business but didn’t have the skills. Now I am ready!”

Now she is encouraged, even zealous to start her small business in remedial teaching. She thanks the Lord, she thanks Women in the Window International, and she thanks me as her spiritual leader, for these precious lessons and for giving her this chance to be doubly blessed— with the knowledge of biblical business principles and practices to start her very own business. Praise the Lord!

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