Malta Widows February 2020

We all like to have an alternate plan. Plan “B” just in case plan “A” doesn’t quite work out. Yet, God has given one plan, and one plan only for all of us to know His salvation and abundant life, and that plan is Jesus. Here’s what the Bible says about God’s one and only plan:

“And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among people by which we must be saved [for God has provided the world no alternative for salvation].” Acts 4:12 Amplified Bible

Tomorrow, Mindy Blount and Kim Kerr will fly overseas to meet and minister with women who understand God’s plan and willingly sacrifice their lives for Him. Many of these women have experienced harsh persecution for their faith, yet they continue in the one and only name of Jesus Christ. Please pray for each meeting and training we have planned, and those God has in mind. We have a full week with these courageous Christians from the Middle East and North Africa as together, we extend the name above all names.

Meanwhile, in Sub-Saharan Africa, a group of widows who received our WiW micro-business training last Fall have gathered to train other widows with the very same training! Our ministry partner reports:

The widows arrived at 7 a.m. Their zeal is inspiring. The teaching widows have impressed us with the mastery of the content from the last training as they train others effectively. There are 94 widows in total, full of energy, full of JOY! We surely thank God for His presence among us!

We thank God that His plan “A” included these 94 widows. And that it includes multitudes from the Middle East and North Africa who are pressing their way out of Islam into faith in Jesus Christ! and we thank God that plan “A” includes you and your faithful prayers and partnership!

Please pray for Mindy, Kim and the widows with these important and timely prayer requests:

  • Safety and health as we travel, February 21 to 29.
  • Well-attended seminars and trainings that benefit the women of the Middle East & North Africa.
  • Excellent planning meetings with ministry partners that yield abundant fruit in the Kingdom!
  • Pray for the 94 widows as they complete their micro-business training this weekend and prepare to train still others.
  • Praise God with us for His perfect plan–Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord.

Yours in Christ,

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