Middle East Team Home Rejoicing – Urgent Prayers Needed for Algeria

Dear Praying Friends of Women In The Window,

We are elated to share that our Women in the Window International West Africa team has arrived safely and the first day of training is now complete! This is highly significant and here’s why:

Women leaders from five West African nations: The Gambia, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria will converge in Ghana for Training of Trainers this week led by our team: Mindy, Connie and Toni, taking this ministry to the next level with a Training of Trainers. Here’s the first report from our team, and stay tuned for more to come later this week. Thank you, in advance, for your faithful and fervent prayers!!

Report from Toni, Connie & Mindy:
“We offer praises for the seamless connections from the United States to Accra. We are grateful for the heart of Pastor and Elizabeth coming all the way from Ho to pick us up and then turn around and drive us back three hours. Accommodations at the hotel are comfortable and gracious. The food is superb as usual. Ghana cuisine never fails to delight! All of the women from the five different areas have arrived safely, no luggage or lost babies in tow! Everybody is in fine form and leaning forward into this incredible opportunity for Trainers of trainers! The Holy Spirit has definitely filled this place. All of the prayers and expectations as you built this trip are manifesting.”

“We’re so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve his people in the global arena of the 10/40 window. Love from the hills in the Volta region.”

Yours because I’m His,

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