Middle East Team Update 2

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you very much for your prayers for our Middle East team! Lara, Carolyn and I are honestly amazed by God’s blessings and wide-open doors of ministry. Travel continues to be smooth and uneventful. Women leaders are eager to learn and to pass along what they learn from WiW throughout their ministries!

We are about to begin our 2nd training of Middle Eastern and North African women. Stay tuned for more updates and PLEASE KEEP PRAYING. Meanwhile, here’s a thought for you from the Word of God and my heart…

–Just in case you ever wonder how much you mean to me and to us all at Women in the Window International, here is a story from Scripture to reinforce your significant role in this ministry!

In 1 Samuel 30:18-31 David wins a notable battle. And when the credits roll, so to speak, some of the soldiers try to keep the credit all to themselves. But under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, David calls them wicked and worthless!

Woah. Strong words. And then, better yet, he actually changes the rules and commands those who “stay by the baggage” (see 1 Samuel 30:24) to receive an equal share of all the riches received from the Lord.

In God’s economy, the spoils of victory are equally shared by those who pray, give and go! Perhaps you have done all of the above.
But maybe you can best pray. Awesome! Or you give to the Lord Jesus Christ through Women in the Window International! HALLELUJAH and thank you!

Eternity will reveal the final pay day as full rewards are presented to us by God Himself and we hear the glorious words from our Savior, “Well done!” (Matthew 25:23)

While it is still called ‘today’ we encourage you to have great joy in your service for Him! For those who don’t go, THANK YOU for staying by the baggage with us until the whole world knows–Him!

With grateful and overflowing hearts,
Kim, Carolyn and Lara

Middle East Team Update 3