Our 3 Woman Africa Team Wants You To Know

Dear Praying Friends of Women In The Window:

As our Middle East team returned home from an outstanding time for Women in the Window to provide servant leadership training to more than 50 women leaders from 7 nations, they joyfully & eagerly pass the baton of Holy Spirit inspired training to our West Africa team . . .

Connie, Mindy and Toni Lee are soon to lift off from the USA for Ghana to lead a Training of Trainers for carefully, prayerfully selected women leaders from 5 African nations: Ghana, Togo, Benin, the Gambia and Nigeria.

All of our WiW trainings are reproducible and sustainable in the local context, but this is a new dimension for WiW! This is the first time we will hold a Training of Trainers that lifts women to a higher level of responsibility and opportunity to train those who will train others!

As we get ready to depart, please join us in prayer:

Pray that our WiW ToT will truly be used for “Multiplication” in their villages, cities and nations. That the Women in the Window lessons are a source of biblical strength and transformation and that our team’s work is sustainable and reproducible!!!

Pray that the women will enjoy the sweetest unity with one another as they lift up Christ and advance His kingdom together across Africa—with one mind and one heart for the one True Gospel message, in word and action!!

Pray for us as an outward bound team:  That our families be snug and safe, that the heart of a mother as Connie and Mindy, be resting in the LORD’s arms around the children and husbands.

Pray for our physical bodies!!! We do ask the Lord that our construction do well with the rigorous travels: Planes and long roads in Ghana, that sitting, standing, dancing, all be for YOUR Praise Lord.

Pray that the connections to and from Ghana be seamless.  Luggage stuffed with goodies for the women arrive safely.  That relationships among the gatherers and trainers be sweet and melted into unity before the LORD.  That the Holy Spirit take captive every thought for His Glory in our words and deeds!

Pray that we are all filled with new insights, a new experience of appropriating the Power for Living, and that the joy of the Lord just bubble out in everything we do and we will inform WiW with these insights so that other women leaders will benefit from this ToT model.

Pray that we all walk out wearing robes as daughters of the King, and that You, King Jesus, are well pleased with us, that THY kingdom come and THY will be done.

In His Matchless love we stand amazed,

Mindy, Connie and Toni Lee
Travel dates:  October 11 – October 20th, 2019