Overwhelmingly Blessed and a Bit Surprised!

healthWe were overwhelmingly blessed and even a bit surprised by the keen interest in the ministry of WiW during our time with both women and men leaders from the Middle East and North Africa January 18th to the 29th. One brother in Christ who has worked in this arena for more than a decade said this:

“We have learned that if you reach a man, you’ve reached a man. But if you reach a woman, you are reaching a community!”

After we completed our two health trainings, the need for further training and encouraging in various disciplines was obvious.  Now it is time to prayerfully work through the action steps to form a trip calendar for the next 2-3 years, expand the Health team, and work throughout the region to reach as many women leaders as possible with the tools, or “weapons,” to carry on their God-ordained missions to women to advance Christ’s Kingdom and build His Church!

Please continue reading to learn more about our pivotal experience with leaders from the MENA region, and join us in fervent prayer for the specific prayer requests listed below.  Thank you!

Grateful for His grace and for your prayers,
Kim Kerr
Executive Director

Our Goals

  • Train women leaders in the MENA region with distinct capacity-building strategies that are both reproducible and sustainable in their own communities.
  • Create a community of common support through prayer and relationships with women leaders in this region.
  • Develop and strengthen ongoing partnerships with ministry partners who would like to empower and equip women as part of their strategy to reach and engage with the unreached Muslim people in their nation.

Comments from Ila Swick, RNC, Women in the Window Health Trainer

During our recent trip and training with Middle East and North African women, we conducted 2 workshops, attended by approximately 35 women leaders.  The workshops were conducted with the assistance of Marcia Nayak, WCL International Training Coordinator from Medical Ambassadors International.  We offered 4 lessons on physical, emotional, and wholistic health.  Our attendees were from various ministries.  Participation was enthusiastic and thought provoking.

Comments from Workshop Attendees

  • Praise for the methodology of using drama and stories to involve the learners.
  • It was encouraging and elevated the value of women.
  • They did not know health training could include biblical messages.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It can be used to reach non-believers.
  • It is relationship-building.
  • One sister from Algeria stated that she found meeting with Women in the Window International worth the entire trip.  She felt like she had finally found the right “weapons” to use in her ministry to women (2 Corinthians 6:7, 10:4).

Comments from a Prominent Women’s Leader in Attendance at our WiW Health Workshop

I would like to encourage you and your team to come and do conferences inside North African nations so that more women could benefit from the conferences and teachings instead of just a few women that have the chance to travel.

All the women believers here are from the Muslim background.   They really are the top priority and need to get teachings on knowing God; the character of God; the Word of God; prayer; etc. The teachings that gear toward helping to make disciples of Jesus with these ladies and help them to be godly women are very important. When these two goals are achieved, they will generally be more joyful, loving, healthy, peaceful, kind, gentle, and God-fearing ladies.The women inside Algeria and inside North Africa are the ones very needy of women’s conferences and the opportunities for the teachings named here.

May the Lord Jesus give you and your team wisdom and sensitivity to His Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance to do His will among the women of North Africa and inside North Africa for His glory and praise.  Amen.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that WiW will thoroughly follow up on every request for trainings we have received.
  • Pray for wisdom for WiW’s next steps in partnership throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Pray that God will anoint our inaugural event on February 20th, and that He will use the Evening in the Courtyard with Paulina Kumah from Africa to spread the word about WiW in our own community.

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