Restoration in North Africa

“Though You have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.” -Psalm 71:20


The second week of October, a team from Women in the Window will be heading to North Africa to help fulfill WiW’s mission “to equip and empower women in the 10/40 Window and beyond to replace poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ.”

We are honored to be invited by our North African ministry partners to organize a trauma healing conference. We will be partnering with the American Bible Society Trauma Healing Institute in offering an Initial Equipping session for local leaders to help bring healing from traumatic experiences through the transforming work of Christ to their communities. We will have 35 women representing 2 different countries and a number of people groups at the conference and will devote our time to unpacking what the Lord says about trauma through the Bible, prayer, and a series of exercises.  At the end of the conference, each woman will be equipped and certified by the American Bible Society to lead other women through the healing process to live whole and thriving lives.

We will be studying the life of Naomi from the book of Ruth using our WiW Inductive Bible Study method, focusing on how Naomi’s deep grief and sorrow was turned into blessing and joy, not just for her, but for the entire kingdom of Israel. The conference attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a Spiritual Spa where they will have opportunities to connect with and experience the love of Christ through different means including, prayer, Scripture meditation, massages, and different types of stretches and exercises.

Prayer is an essential part of our preparation, so we invite you to join us in praying for each aspect of the training, our ministry partners in North Africa, The American Bible Society teaching the training, the translators, and each woman attending.

We have broken down our itinerary and prayer requests below:

Team Members:

Sarah P, Sara K, Mindy B, Mary M, Mary C, Charisa H



Saturday/ Sunday, October, 8-9 Team members depart and make their way to North Africa
Monday, October 10 Team members all meet in North Africa, picked up by ministry partners.
Tuesday, October 11 Team members rest and prepare for the 4- day conference ahead. Attendees arrive in the evening to eat together and introduce the team.
Wednesday- Friday, October 12- 15  The conference is underway with morning devotionals, training topics, and time to reflect.
Sunday/ Monday, October 16-17 Team members take the time to debrief rest, reflect, recover, and do some sight-seeing.
Tuesday, October 18 Team members all head to the airport to fly back to the states.


Prayer requests:

  • Travel safety for all team members as well as all the attendees of the conference.
  • The Holy Spirit would fill each team member during the conference, breaking through any cultural and language barriers
  • Clarity and wisdom for the translators to communicate what is taught
  • Unity and flexibility within the team: team members are coming from all over the U.S. and already feel very unified. We ask for the Lord to keep us unified in Christ.
  • For safety and protection of our families who are remaining in the US.
  • The ministry partners would feel encouraged and refreshed after their time with us, and that God would give the WiW team divine energy to pour into them throughout the entire conference.
  • WiW’s partnership with the women will be strengthened and we will continue to serve and equip them to fulfill the Lord’s calling on their lives
  • Most importantly, that God will receive all of the glory in and through this training, our lives, the attendees’ lives, and that souls would be won to Him through the impact of His work and grace in our lives