Standing with the Women of India

DesaisWomen in the Window was thrilled to be featured on a recent WMRB interview that included Koki Desai, the Director of Women’s Ministry for Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), and Kim Kerr, WiW Executive Director.

Girls and women are generally seen as burdens in India, a mindset that not only men there often hold, but also, sadly, the women themselves.  Koki (pictured here with her husband, Johnny) shared an account of an Indian woman she met who described herself as being the mere sandal on her husband’s foot.

But Koki’s ministry, which is active throughout the country, seeks to overturn this belief with the truth of God’s love for women, a truth that resonates with Koki personally: “God decided before the foundation of the world that I would be born a girl whose name would be Koki, and that I would be born in Gujarat.  That empowers me and helps me fulfill my role.”

Koki first met Kim in Hyderabad, India in 2005, when Kim was leading a women’s workshop there.  Koki was drawn to the method and the material.  “There was nothing Western about it,” she commented.  “It was biblical.”  After Women in the Window launched in 2013, Koki was eager to enter an official ministry partnership:  “Women in the Window comes with resources, training tools, seminar materials, guidance, insight, and encouragement.  They come and stand with us through their sacrificial support.”

Special thanks to WRMB’s Brigitte Sylvestre for conducting the interview.  Listen to the full recording below: