Successful Health Training for North African Women

libyaOur first Women’s Cycle of Life health training has come and gone. There are no adequate words to describe both the fullness of our hearts and the pain we feel for our sisters from North Africa.  We are filled with joy and encouragement because the training was so enthusiastically received, with multiple requests for full training sessions in several countries.

Our pain comes from hearing our sisters in Christ say that in their cultures, women are seen as little more than animals, were formed from the “odd rib,” that their hard work is rarely appreciated, and that this low opinion has become the norm, preventing women from reaching higher.

As we worked through our lessons together, we received biblical truth, God’s truth, about women from one another…that women were created in the image of God and that they have infinite worth and value!  This is the message we bring to our sisters who struggle to survive in cultures that keep them from hearing the truth and living a joy-filled life of love and respect.

Please join us in prayer for the North African Christian women leaders who live and work in regions that do not value and honor women. Their faith is vibrant and strong and their desire is that the women who have not yet heard of Christ will know and experience His life-giving presence.

This weekend our sisters in Christ from the Middle East will arrive, and we will lead a health training for them on Sunday, January 26th.  Please pray that this time will be just as meaningful and fruitful as it was for the North African women.

Praising Him,
Ila & Kim

Prayer Requests

  • The women’s faith will remain vibrant and strong.
  • We will be able to proceed with next steps, bringing health training to unreached groups of women in this region.
  • Our next training on Sunday morning, focusing on the Middle East, will be well attended and will meet the needs of the women working in that region.
  • God will add to our team of health trainers.
  • God will direct us toward His partnering and networking opportunities.

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