The Affliction of the Afflicted — He Hears our Cries for Help!

India sadnessDo you remember your first understanding of the power of prayer? Not being raised in a Christian home, the idea of a God who literally and personally hears and answers my prayers was beyond my comprehension. I simply couldn’t conceive of a God who has an ear to hear my cries and a Savior whose response would be immeasurably more than all I can ask, think, or imagine! Such is our God, the God of the Bible; the Savior of the world! I quickly learned that much of the Bible teaches us about prayer and encourages my heart to pray with faith…

“For He has not despised or abhorred, the affliction of the afflicted, and He has not hidden His face from him, but has heard, when he cried to Him.” Psalm 22:24

Together, we can rejoice in this loving God and take every opportunity to exult in His love and power. As a ministry, Women in the Window seeks to make Him known to women in some of the hardest parts of the world through tangible and transformational training tools, and through the powerful ministry of prayer. We treasure the opportunity to know and experience Him with YOU, our prayer partners, through the power of prayer! God continues to demonstrate Himself as the One who does not hide His face from us and the women we serve. He does not despise our affliction; rather He hears our cries for help when we cry out to Him. Join us as we cry to God, seeking to know Him and to make Him known!

Thanking Him for you,


  • Arab women leaders gathered for a training in Egypt last month and received dynamic ministry tools to shape their lives and the lives of women they serve. These educational health tools and outreach tools will help reach Muslim women in their communities throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for the opportunity to invest in these outstanding women leaders and for the LORD’s favor and provision!
  • The West African nation of Benin is the birthplace of voodoo, yet women recently enthusiastically received powerful Micro-enterprise training and Biblical teaching through the Women in the Window inductive study to help them focus on the power of God, rather than voodoo, in all of their daily concerns. With the vivid example of Jesus bridging the gap between the Jews and the Samaritans, the participants were encouraged to dwell together, in fellowship, irrespective of their tribe affiliation.
  • The next drama focused on the need for women to embark on massive evangelism. Their inspiration was drawn from the experience and actions of the woman at the well, who brought men and women in her community to listen to the words of Jesus.
  • The last drama was on “the laborer is worthy of his wages”. This drama aimed to encourage them to work for the Lord at all times, through their micro-enterprise projects and ministries, knowing very well that nobody works for the Lord and remains unpaid.

Prayer Requests – 5 Upcoming Trainings in 2015 Include:

  • North African women gathering in Southern Spain for Micro-enterprise and Women in the Window (WiW) inductive Bible study, in late October through early November. Pray for Ila and Jackie.
  • Micro-enterprise and WiW Bible study trainings in Nepal will gather women leaders impacted by earthquakes earlier this year, who are eager to rebuild their community and the hearts of women, through the application of effective business principles and the Word of God. Pray for Sherri, Judy, and Sarah.
  • This same team will lead additional trainings in India! Pray for the women leaders gathered through our ministry partners: Evangelical Fellowship of India Women’s Ministry led by Koki Desai. (Koki will be our speaker at the Spring Luncheon, March 16, 2016—Called to Courage)
  • Arab and Persian women leaders will gather at an undisclosed spot in the Mediterranean for a WiW conference with a focus on spiritual formation, trauma counseling, and leadership development. We praise God that many of the required visas have been approved; however, some are still waiting. Pray for the visas to be approved, for the safety and health of the women who will attend, and the WiW team which consists of women from various churches in the USA, including Kim and Sandra as WiW servant leaders.
  • South Sudan Training in late November and early December with Larry and Cheryl Parker, and Beatrice Gachube of Kenya. Stay tuned for more information next month!