They Will Have Courage Because They Have Hope

October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! As we remember the historic and courageous occasion of Martin Luther’s proclamation of Truth, nailing the 99 Thesis to the door of the Wittenberg Chapel, let’s also remember his wife, Katharina von Bora Luther, a champion of the Reformation in her own right! She risked punishment and death as she abandoned the only existence she had ever known as a nun to become the wife, confidante, and valiant co-laborer of the Gospel message alongside her husband, Martin Luther.

Women like Katharina have set the pace for women throughout history and across the globe, as they display strength and act as a result of their intimate love and knowledge of God. They embody the timeless truth of Job 11:12 NLT, “they will have courage because they have hope.”

Women in the Window International has the joy of serving alongside dozens of women leaders from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and right here in America, who have this same hope found only in Christ. Our trainings this month alone extend to some of the most remote and challenging corners of the globe!  As you support us with your prayers and offerings, we are able to go farther, accomplish more and serve with greater excellence. You give us courage and hope! We simply cannot do this without you!


Upcoming Trainings

The Holy Land

The physical nations where Jesus Christ our Savior lived and served are the next stops for our Women in the Window Atlanta-based team as they provide wholistic health training, and level two leadership development for outstanding women leaders whose reach extends throughout the Arab world. Please pray for their effectiveness, safety, and of course sweet unity and joy all the way through! Sarah, Rebecca, Morgan and Jenna are eager to train trainers through our new WiW curriculum in both health and head capacities. We are so grateful for their loving service.

South Asia

Our Women in the Window International team departs for Nepal and India less than 3 weeks from now. Please pray with us for Diane, Michelle, Wendi and Diane’s husband, Butch, as they provide wholistic health training for women leaders in central India! These Indian women leaders are sharp, organized and eager to provide hands-on training for other women in their nation, so that they can become instruments of hope and healing to women caught in despair and oppression. Then, off to Nepal, to pilot our new Women in the Window advocacy curriculum! Our team will equip and empower women with the advocacy tools so that they can speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!


Window of Hope

If you are in South Florida, we hope that you will join us and bring your family and friends for Window of Hope, a gathering that provides a hands-on experience of Women in the Window International’s work. You’ll experience some of the multi-faceted training indigenous women leaders experience that is transforming them, their families and communities for Christ! Experience Window of Hope, a free and family-friendly interactive event on Sunday, October 22 from 3-6pm at the Lake Pavilion in West Palm Beach. Light refreshments will be served.

Warmly in Christ,