This is why we serve women in the 10/40 Window

The war in Syria spelled trouble for Ruth, the proud Mother of six lovely daughters.

The foreboding premonition of her heart told her to flee before they became prey for ISIS.

They were renting a home but the landlord took back their home due to the war. They sold all their belongings. The money was just enough for their urgent departure. Dressed in dark clothing with long sleeves and full head coverings, they joined a busload heading across the border.

Work was sparse, and homes nearly impossible to find. But they stuck together as a family. The chaos of the Syrian war now behind them yet they struggled to survive. The local church welcomed them and met some of their immediate needs, consistently showing them the love of Christ. They had never clearly heard the teaching of the Bible in Syria. In spite of losing their home and all they had, they declare that they are grateful for the war. Without it, they would never have found Christ.

This is precisely why we serve women here in the Middle East. Their dedication humbles us. Their lives inspire us.

Please join us in prayer for the seeds of the Gospel sown here to bear much fruit that remains! And for safe and uneventful travel for the team as they return to the USA together on Wednesday.


The WiW team members are now all home safe and sound! Please pray for their re-entry back.

The training was very well received by the ladies and there was a sweet spirit of unity throughout the training. On the last day each woman made their own personal physical banner to represent the Psalm 20 banner. “May we shout for joy over your salvation and in the name of our God set up banners.” Psalm 20:5

Pictured above are the ladies with their banners!