Safe, Uneventful Travel…Almost ;-)

256px-Morocco_-_veiled_woman_in_MarrakechWe are praising God for our safe arrival, good health, and all suitcases being present and accounted for!  Thank you for your prayers and please continue…

Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted by brothers, and a few sisters, from North Africa, including Egypt.  They are experiencing a lull in the mayhem of recent years since the Arab Spring.  Their constitution was recently presented and they are waiting for the approval of their national referendum.  They, and we, all live in uncertain times…but for Jesus!  That is precisely why we are here: Jesus!

Join us in praising Him for all that He is doing in the Arab world and for the privilege and JOY of being a small part of His glorious work.  Pray for the women who are arriving for our Women in the Window International health training today and tomorrow.  And pray for the Middle East women leaders who will arrive later this week, some of whom are still seeking visas and safe passage.  Please pray with us:

  • First day of rest, refreshment and preparation for the weeklong busy conference schedule, filled with moments of worship, training, and late nights followed by early mornings!
  • Anointing upon our designated schedule and God appointed conversations and fellowship.
  • Strengthening and deepening our existing partnerships with sisters and brothers in the Arab world, and forming new partnerships that are mutually beneficial and Kingdom building.
  • Travel mercies and good health for all the women who are yet traveling here, including Marcia, our teammate and fellow trainer.
  • Solidifying the training details for both North Africa and Middle East women’s health workshops.

Again, we are quite grateful for the opportunity to be here and for safe, uneventful, seamless travel — with just one exception.  Ila’s vacation started by being asked to render aid to a passenger in distress on her transatlantic flight!  She spent a good portion of the flight on the floor of the first class galley assisting a woman passenger.  It seems you can take Ila out of the hospital, but you can’t take the hospital out of Ila. ;-)  We are praying for no more Good Samaritan “sightings!”  Just joking (kind of), but most of all we are just grateful to be His and on His team bringing health, hope, healing, and JOY through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

With Love and Joy,
Kim and Ila

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