Training Right on Time

First and foremost, we so desire to communicate with our prayer team the joy of all that was accomplished on this trip and trainings!

Revival is taking place in India and this training is right on time to help them go further and deeper in making disciples and strengthening His Church! The focus of our training was to pilot our new WiW Microenterprise curriculum. We are ecstatic by the progress we made and excited about the future potential. Our WiW Ministry Partners received great encouragement as they saw the women equipped to minister even more effectively to the women in their own communities! Here are some direct quotes and accounts from the women of India:

  • Several of the women leaders have no formal education and while they are very intelligent, they cannot read and write. One of them shared that her husband derided her, calling her a buffalo with no value as a worthy human being. After completing the first day, she came back and realized that she does have gifts and abilities that God can use. She even brought her teenage daughter to attend the rest of the remaining so that her daughter can establish a strong foundation also. Along with other women in their community, they plan to start a small business to help poor women afford school supplies for their families- business as mission!
  • Many of the women said the Women in the Widow Bible study method enabled them to understand the Word of God more fully. One woman told us that she had read the account of Priscilla and Aquila many times but never fully understood the truths imbedded in their story. The women experienced transformation as a result! They left full of hope for the future of their ministries as women and with their husbands.

Just one comment we will always remember: “We now understand that we can earn for our earthly needs AND for eternal gain.” We are praying that the women in India will continue to carry the vision and dream of all they received and act upon it to bless their lives, homes, and ministries!

We love you all and praise God for your prayers and support! Please continue to pray as we reenter life in the USA with very busy schedules ahead.

With hearts full of hope,
Jackie, Kathy and Kim