Training Week Begins in the Gambia

10154440_628306067247674_4228749412183968185_nGreetings from the Gambia!  We arrived safely on Friday and had a wonderful weekend, including worship on Sunday at the Evangelical Church of the Gambia.  The worship was great; what a privilege to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ together with these sisters and brothers.  Also, our ministry partner, Helen, graciously welcomed us to her family’s home for lunch after church.

Our week-long training started today, including biblical, health, and micro-enterprise skills.  This training will equip at least 70 women leaders from various ministries and churches throughout the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.  We are grateful for this amazing opportunity to build our ministry partnerships within this region.

Praise Reports:

  • Long but safe journey to the Gambia!
  • Beautiful accommodations.
  • Deep times of prayer for and with one another.
  • Team building and excellent preparation with our training team.
  • Development of partnership model with African ministry partners’ input.
  • And just for fun, we visited the westernmost point of Gambia jetting out into the Atlantic ocean!

Prayer Requests:

  • First day of training!
  • Clear communication with all partners.
  • Translation of trainings into French and local languages.
  • Every woman will feel honored and valued.
  • Sweet unity with all involved so that God’s purpose and glory reigns over all.

Thank you for your prayer support over our Gambia training week!  We are thrilled to be here and eager to see what the Lord will do!

Joyfully His,
Jackie, Kim & Sherri

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  1. prayers and thoughts are with you guys! rest in Him He will do the rest ! prayer is the key but faith and trust opens doors!! god bless you guys!! Robin


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