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Urgent Support Needed for East African Widows – Receive your Beautiful Gift

“We will channel the contribution from this sale to meet the current needs and support our future trainings…that we will be ready to implement when this pestilence passes.”
Jackline, WiW East Africa Widows Leader

Widows are often the most vulnerable in times of economic and political crisis. They are desperately alone and have sparingly few financial and material resources. Not only that, they are often left with the entire responsibility of supporting their children. Many lack the skills or access to income-generating projects or small businesses. This was true of the widow in 2 Kings 4. She appealed to the Prophet Elisha, saying that her children would soon be taken from her if she did not pay the debts of her deceased husband. And she had no hope of paying such a debt. Through this prophet, God led the widow to 1) shelter in place 2) work with her own hands and 3) trust God for her provision and protection. As we know, she was NOT disappointed. God miraculously provided everything she needed, with abundance.

The widows we serve in East Africa bear a striking resemblance to this widow. They are equally vulnerable with the threat of their children being taken as payment for their debts. AND, they are equally resourceful and enterprising. Most of all they are equally FAITHFUL to God and His Word. You might remember that we provided a micro-business training for 30+ widows last year. They in turn multiplied this training so that more than 100 widows were trained in micro-business skills. Now that they are sheltering in place, their skills are producing a product that is vitally important to us all—face masks.

Women in the Window is delighted to feature these masks as our May COVID-Connection Project. We have a limited number of masks to share with you. *From now until May 31, you will receive a beautiful reversible mask for a suggested donation of $25 or more to the Widows Project. This is not the actual cost of the mask, but it enables us to continue our partnership with the widows of East Africa. After shipping and handling, we will send funds to meet their vital needs which includes food for the elderly widows, masks for the children, and support of future trainings. Any surplus will be set aside for WIW next level leadership and micro-business trainings.


Will you join us in this month’s COVID-Connection Project?

Yours Because I’m His,

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