Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah India 2Women in the Window International is delighted to introduce our featured volunteer, Sarah Pascual. Sarah is globally minded, with a heart for the nations. Her passion for ministry to unreached people groups has taken her to over 20 countries, where she has lived and worked in various capacities. Her desire, to help women see God in new ways and equip them to be obedient to His calling for their lives, aligns beautifully with the mission of Women in the Window. She is a true blessing to our ministry!
Sarah recently returned from serving on her first trip with WiW to India and Nepal. We hope you will enjoy learning more about her in the brief interview below. If God is leading you to serve with WiW, please learn more about our volunteer opportunities and contact us!

What compelled you to serve with Women in the Window?
I have had a heart for the nations – specifically the 10/40 window for around 10 years now. I lived in Cairo before I got married, and my husband and I also lived in Istanbul for about 6 months. God has called us stateside for this season and we are thankful for the opportunities He has given us, to advocate and share His heart for the nations, throughout Atlanta. Finding ways to remain engaged in God’s global work has been difficult in this season of life. We have 4 young children and I’m a stay-at-home mom, but my heart has been crying out to be more involved internationally. A good friend of mine introduced me to WiW and I immediately fell in love with everything they were doing!

Women in the Window’s vision and mission lined up 100% with the ways I love to serve the Lord! Most of the work I’ve done with WiW has been just taking the next step of obedience. In the beginning, I read every single page of the website multiple times until I just had to know more. I connected with Jessica Derosier, who then connected me with Sherri Johnston, the Servant Leader of Hearts. She was local and we immediately hit it off. Could Women in the Window really be as wonderful as they sound? One thing led to another, and after prayer, I joined Sherri and another woman on a travel team. Now, I’m hooked! I’ve seen firsthand the work God is doing through WiW and I am so happy and honored to be a part of it.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your volunteer experience so far?
I just returned from my first WiW trip! I travelled with two other amazing women and we led Microenterprise Seminars in India and Nepal. I loved everything about the trip! From the curriculum, to the WiW Inductive Studies we did on Lydia and Priscilla, to the women we worked with, to the most wonderful teammates I’ve ever had (I mean it!), the trip was perfect! I am still in awe that the Lord allowed me to see and be a part of His work among His beloved in other nations. I hope that this was just the first of many trips!

 What’s one of the most interesting things you’ve learned about WiW’s ministry?
I just love that WiW is built around supporting and empowering local, indigenous movements. The way we teach and train is really just to facilitate a conversation so the women we’re working with figure out the answers. They have everything they need and they don’t need to seek outside resources or help to transform communities. I can only speak to the trip that I took, but I loved how we went as guests of national leaders and, while we felt valued and honored, the true value and honor is to the leaders and the work God is already doing in those places. I love that WiW supports local movements that are already happening rather than glorifying or emphasizing the help and resources from developed countries. WiW is kingdom and big-picture focused and I love it!

Where have you traveled with WiW?  How did you see God use the training to transform the women and yourself personally?
I returned from India and Nepal less than 2 weeks ago. This was my first (but not last!) trip with WiW. I saw so many transformations–women uniting to raise money for their church before meeting their own needs, women traveling and walking for hours to attend a seminar, and even experiencing the miracle of God’s provision with a fuel tank that never ran out in the midst of a fuel crisis.

The trip is still fresh for me, so I’m sure my understanding of transformations are still coming, but the thing that stands out to me right now is the perspective that God is at work all over the earth. There are places that will never cross my mind, or that I will never see on a map, but God is at work in them! There is no insignificant place or person to the Lord! (I’ve known this for a long time, but it became much more personal to me on this trip.) Through seeing the greatness of God, His faithfulness, and His nearness to these women, my heart is both humbled and overflowing with joy at the same time.

What is a passage of Scripture that has special significance for you?
I don’t know that I can choose one! Every season in my life has a significant passage of Scripture that has really resonated with me. Most recently, I’ve been drawn to Paul’s passionate exclamation, “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls” in 1 Corinthians 12:15. I have a lot going on in life right now, but this passage is an exhortation to me to continue pouring myself out tirelessly for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom. Jesus is my sustenance, my strength, and my portion forever. I want to love His beloved the way He did, eagerly proclaiming His coming kingdom and anticipating the day that I will see Him face to face. He is so good to me!