What does it mean to be a widow?

The Unthinkable Becomes The “Doable” With Your Giving Tuesday Help!

What does it mean to be a widow? The dictionary definition is simply a woman whose husband is deceased. She is no longer married and now has the full responsibility of support for herself and her children. The biblical definition of a widow is someone deserving honor and extra care if she is a widow in need. BUT, in many parts of the world, especially where Women in the Window is actively at work advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, widows are shunned and even shamed. They are treated with disrespect rather than respect. They are ostracized from their families and communities, and many times all of the inheritance left them by their husbands is taken by his family of origin.

Unthinkable? Yes! But this is the reality of millions of widows today. This Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we have the privilege of serving widows such as these. God’s Word has no less than 100 references with clear direction of how widows are to be treated. Through our emerging partnership in East Africa, we recently completed a 3-day micro-enterprise project for 30 widows. These widows were selected as those who are able and willing to learn and apply the business principles to their own lives and start small and sustainable businesses soon! AND they agreed to our expectation that they will also pass along this training to 70 more widows in January 2020! Together that makes a total of 100 widows whose lives are transformed by biblical business principles and small business start-ups. Their sadness will soon turn to rejoicing in Christ!

The unthinkable becomes the “doable” with your Giving Tuesday help!

Women in the Window International is so excited to share this investment opportunity with you on Giving Tuesday when your gift to help widows through WiW micro-enterprise training will be matched dollar for dollar! Yes, the unthinkable atrocity of shaming and shunning widows is overturned. The new normal for the widows is that their lives become financially solvent, and their days are full of productivity. AND, their children and grandchildren embrace a bright future full of hope.

Won’t you help us? Just click the donate button below and indicate that your gift is a Giving Tuesday gift for our Women in the Window International widows project. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, call our office at 561-249-5377 to give over the phone. Mail your donations to Women in the Window International, 2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 253 West Palm Beach, FL 33411.



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