What will YOUR choice be?

What will YOUR choice be?

Many have heard the story of Queen Esther, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, and positioned by God Himself to deliver her nation from an evil demise. The pinnacle of the story became a moment of deliverance as God set His people free from evil. Esther was given a choice—stand with God or fall with evil. She chose the first although it involved great risk to herself and her people. God honors her courage and obedience. The people of God are delivered as a result, and their lives overflow with joy and gladness (see Esther 8:15-17). Esther herself enjoyed full authority in a region from India to Ethiopia (Esther 8:9)!

We are facing a day that is no less dangerous for the people of God. This Sunday, November 3, 2019, is designated International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church .  And then, Women in the Window International is inviting you to join us and our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for a 3-day fast*, Monday through Wednesday, November 4 – 6. Our ministry partners in North Africa and the Middle East are facing incredibly difficult times.  What will your choice be? Join us as we call out to God on their behalf! Your prayers will become part of a mighty chorus of fervent prayer, for such a time as this!

Here are the urgent prayer requests from Algeria: 1. The reopening of their churches! 2. Protection of the pastors and their families. 3. Encouragement of Algerian Christians. 4. Justice for Christians taken to court and imprisoned for their faith. 5.  Algerian government to rule justly.

Urgent request from Lebanon: Let us gather in spirit as an army of prayer warriors to lift up our dear country Lebanon, before God, and plead for His mercy. May He point out the “Haman” in the Lebanese story, and lift up the “Mordecai.” And, let us all be the “Esther’s” who will intercede for Lebanon. 

This November we will send two Women In the Window teams to the field—one to the Lakota Native American women for a Trauma Healing Workshop, November 20-25; and one to serve with a group of 100 widows in Sub-Saharan Africa, November 24-28. This unique and exciting training will be led by South Sudanese women who have been trained in Women in the Window International micro-enterprise trainings. Specific prayer requests will be sent as they prepare to depart.

Last but not least: Please Join us for our Women in the Window International Fall Event, an evening of praise and prayer; Remember & Rejoice! Details follow:

remember and rejoice

rremember and rejoice

Thank you for your choice to stand with us in prayer . . . for such a time as this.

P.S. Remember, fasting may include going without food or drink or it may be a fast of movies, social media, dessert, or anything that you treasure. Ask God what is an appropriate fast for you, and He will gladly show you!