Who is this Jesus?

As I read through the book of Acts, I find the text is powerfully punctuated with this phrase: This Jesus.

In Acts 1:11, the two angels appeared to the disciples and spoke these words, “This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way. . .” From that point forward, both Peter and Paul took up this phrase to emphasize the uniqueness of Jesus to all who would listen!

On Friday evening, July 19th, we will gather together in the name of “This Jesus” to pray. We would LOVE to include all prayer requests that you have, so please REPLY to this message with yours!

Here are just a few ways that we found “This Jesus” to be faithful and true on our recent ministry trips:

  1. For the first time, Women in the Window International had the privilege of serving alongside one of our supporting churches, First Presbyterian Church of North Palm Beach. Together we encouraged the Pastors of a church plant in association with City to City Church planting movement of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Tim Keller and his staff launched this church plant located in Athens. What a joy to see the diversity of this thriving church as they launch other ministry points in the city!
  2. Many women are coming to Christ through the strong proclamation of “This Jesus” as our ministry partners demonstrate His life through with actions and words among the Middle Eastern refugees.  Our micro-enterprise training was well received and beautifully celebrated.
  3. Servant leadership training took place with a group of young women who have pronounced impact among their own generation and the generations to follow. We celebrate the way they embrace “This Jesus” and seek to model His life and works as a city set brightly on a hill.
  4. Even abandoned children are catching a glimpse of “This Jesus” as they are cared for by loving adults who provide shelter, food and training towards their own life purpose. Who knows how they might someday serve the Lord even as Timothy, mentored by Paul, went on to help establish the first century Church. Two husbands accompanied our team members and served among the young men from various Middle Eastern nations who now call Greece their home.
  5. Women leaders in the Middle East receive valuable health training and they are now eager to impart this same training to others. Health lessons are a valuable tool for both outreach and discipleship/leadership development. Pray that both efforts will be fruitful.
  6. North African women have survived much trauma—both through persecution and horrific treatment simply because they are women. Earlier this year WiW provided a trauma healing training for NA women leaders. Pray with us for wisdom about our next steps with ToT.
  7. African women leaders are eager to serve among a new ministry focused on serving hundreds of widows. How exciting to see Sudanese women leaders bring their expertise to widows in the Horn of Africa. Pray with us that our outreach to widows will expand throughout the “window!”
  8. India is now on the Top Ten list of persecuted nations according to Open Doors. Our WiW Regional Associate is working with our staff to develop a Servant Leader model that will enable them to continue to develop and multiply indigenous women leaders throughout India!

Thank you for your support and prayer that makes all of this possible!! Above all, thank you God the Father, for sending “This Jesus,” to take away the sins of the whole world, and pouring forth your Holy Spirit to chart our course in times of great distress across the globe. We are forever grateful to You!

Yours because I’m His,


P. S.:  As promised, here is a bit of insight into why Christ came just when He did and how the world was poised to receive AND spread the Gospel so quickly, from Jerusalem to Greece (the official entry point to the western world ????)
Jesus arrived during the Roman Empire’s Pax Romana (the peace of Rome) and as a result all of the known world was united by one language of commerce. The ruins in Greece demonstrate a network of global trade routes with open access to the known world. All of this guaranteed that the gospel could move rapidly in one language and a united culture. This unhindered access propelled the spread of the Good News of “This Jesus” whose crucifixion fulfilled the prophecy of the Lamb who would be slain for our sins in the fullness of time (Galatians 4:4-7)!

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