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the story of women in the window international

Her eyes penetrated my soul. And even more, her seeming inability to make eye contact nearly broke my heart.  I first met Vimla (pictured here) in a village of Northwest India near the Pakistan border in 2000. She clearly had the soul of an old woman carrying the responsibility of her younger siblings and the weight of the world on her shoulders…yet I could see the longing in her almost hopeless eyes to be loved and nurtured for who she is – a beautiful little girl.  My heart ached to open the window of God’s love and watch Him pour blessings of grace and mercy upon her!

Shortly after my return to the USA, the Lord began opening doors to allow this burden for women and girls in the 10/40 Window to become a reality. Then, in 2002, another window of opportunity took place as I began teaching and training women, this time in Northeast Thailand on the border of Laos with an inductive narrative Bible study called Women in the Window.  The Isaan women of this region helped me to see that training is the most powerful way to impact the lives of women so that they can impact their families, communities, and world with God’s Love and Truth found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus was a man like no other; both fully God and fully man, Jesus understood and embraced the value and needs of women including them as part of His ministry and His servant leadership team!  After more than 13 years of ministry service, our servant leadership team is delighted to introduce Women in the Window International.  Our mission is to equip and empower women in the 10/40 Window and beyond to replace poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ.  We focus our ministry efforts in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Our logo reflects God’s heart for women locked behind windows of despair and oppression.  Do you remember the photo of the Afghan girl with the piercing green eyes?  In the mid 80’s, Steve McCurry, a National Geographic photographer, took her photo – despair haunting her expression.  Soon, her face became an iconic reminder of countless women and girls who are oppressed and abused simply because of their gender.  Her riveting eyes create a hunger deep in our souls to connect with her story and bring hope to her plight.

Our logo designer, Jay Adcock, found the inspiration for our Women in the Window International logo within these green eyes; the framework of the 10/40 Window, where we focus our ministry efforts; and an unseen veil that women must look over, or through, to peer out into their world.  Women in the Window International is a global ministry that reaches into the window of our world to bring life-giving hope from the One who is the hope of all the world, Jesus Christ: “And His name will be the hope of all the world” (Matthew 12:21 NLT).

Please join us!
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Kim Kerr, Executive Director