Our Strategy

Women in the Window International is part of a collaborative movement to equip and empower women leaders, who in turn equip and empower other women leaders.

Women in the Window International provides comprehensive training for women in their unique context and culture so that local women leaders are equipped to train other women to fulfill their God-given potential.  We do so in collaborative cooperation with other like-minded ministry partners who have networks of Christian ministry established in the most difficult places on earth for the Gospel to spread. Yet, as a result of the training, we see women become life-changing and transformational agents of Christ’s love and power within their homes, churches, communities, nations, and beyond.

Our training is categorized in 5 distinct capacity-building strategies:

  • Heart – Spiritual formation and discipleship training
  • Hands – Vocational and economic development
  • Head – Education and leadership development
  • Health – Hygiene, nutrition, and other key aspects of health and physical development
  • Advocacy – Human rights assessment, awareness, and activity to set captive women and girls free

The strategy of training women leaders has both biblical precedence and social impact.  Noted author, professor, and missiologist Dr. Paul Hiebert said this about women’s ministry that trains women in their local context to train other women, who in turn train others (2 Timothy 2:2): “The method of training women to minister among women in nations and cultures where women are shut off from most of society because of their gender such as the Middle East and certain parts of India, is both biblically sound and culturally correct.” Biblical accounts remind us that women are remarkable leaders and commanded to train younger women to serve their families, their communities, and their nations.  Societies across the globe benefit as women are equipped and gather other women to share in these specific capacity-building trainings.