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For THIS Reason:

By Kim Kerr | March 25, 2021

But let all who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice, Let them ever sing for joy; Because You cover and shelter them, Let those who love Your name be joyful and exult in You. Psalm 5:11 Amplified Bible This and That These two simple words are often used together to describe conversation … Read more

Clean Hands Clean Heart - Elizabeth Part 2

Clean Hands Clean Heart

By Kim Kerr | February 18, 2021

“Did you wash your hands?” While this may not be a culturally correct and commonly asked question in West Africa, this is exactly what women are learning to ask of those they love. However, through the pandemic there has been more education about the benefits of handwashing before sitting down to a communal meal. Women … Read more

Introducing Celine

By Kim Kerr | February 1, 2021

Though we’ve never met Celine…we thank God that Mama Elizabeth has!  Women in the Window wants to introduce you to Celine. Not Celine Dion, the famous Canadian vocalist, but Celine the single mom. Celine is a young West African woman who was severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Her life was difficult prior to the pandemic but became nearly … Read more


Intoxicating Joy

By Kim Kerr | January 14, 2021

As the new year, 2021, begins, I would like to begin with a question.  In recent days have you been known to do something simply because of joy? Anything at all? I daresay that is a difficult question for me, and for all 7 billion+ people on our planet. Nevertheless, it is joy that will enable us … Read more


Year End Goal Thanks

By Kim Kerr | January 6, 2021

Through YOUR Generous Giving our Year End Goal was abundantly met! Our hearts overflow with praise because of YOU and your generous support. We asked God for abundant resources to serve women during 2020 and the global pandemic. You have not only met these needs, but enabled us to exceed our goal. Ephesians 3:20 from … Read more

Lakota Team is Home with a Great Report

By Kim Kerr | December 27, 2020

Our WiW Lakota team (Mary, Kathy & Leecy) has returned and could not be more grateful for all the ways God blessed our trauma healing training last week! More than a dozen Native American women leaders attended our Women in the Window training on the Cheyenne River Reservation at a beautiful spot called the Moreau River … Read more

essentials book


By Kim Kerr | December 21, 2020

In a world where what is essential to our lives is often defined for us, it is imperative that we as women, in this generation and those that follow, can live a life that showcases that which is truly essential to the soul of who we are and allows us to leave behind a legacy … Read more

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2020 END OF YEAR. We did it!…well, almost…

By Kim Kerr | December 18, 2020

We did it!! Well, almost… Did what, you ask? We got through 2020, and that, my friend, is quite an accomplishment. As we round the corner towards the end of this year that has been described as unprecedented more times than I can count, I want to pause to say THANK YOU for helping us … Read more

in the fullness of time

Kim, OPEN for your link to our Living Christmas Card

By Kim Kerr | December 2, 2020

Join us tomorrow for the Women in the Window “In the Fullness of Time” Live Virtual Christmas Celebration Thursday, December 3 7-7:30PM EST On YouTube or Facebook

Let us be the “Esther”

By Kim Kerr | November 30, 2020

Many have heard the story of Queen Esther, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, and positioned by God Himself to deliver her nation from an evil demise. The pinnacle of the story became a moment of deliverance as God set His people free from evil. Esther was given a choice—stand with God or fall … Read more