Heading Home

We are grateful to say that our two WiW teams, by the grace of God, have completed 5 trainings! One team is home and the other is on the way.  The following updates attest to God’s faithfulness to hear and answer your prayers! Stay tuned for more complete reports nextweek:

Middle East Team

Sarah, Rebecca, Morgan, and Jenna

The MENA team is back! They arrived Tuesday afternoon in one piece (luggage and all!) and with full, full hearts giving praise to our Great God and the wonderful works He does!

Their time in the Middle East was nothing short of amazing. In the second nation they spent their 4 day training with the women working on forming a mission/vision statement along with some strategic goals and plans of how they’re going to accomplish those goals. They were all in tears as each woman got up and shared the personal vision God has given her to transform her community for the Kingdom (see photo on the right above).


Asia Team

Diane, Butch, Wendi, Michelle

Our WiW team in Asia has completed their final training and are on their way back home right now. They had an extraordinary time training women in rural Asia with the word of God regarding Advocacy, speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves (photo on the left above). Butch had an opportunity to work with the pastors who actually wanted to stay for the WiW study on advocacy.

Please pray:

    • For rest and recovery for the teams as they re-enter into their schedules
    • For the Asia team as they are half way through the return and still have many flights. Pray that they would get the sleep they need and against any interruptions to their travel.
    • For the women to implement the goals and visions that were made and for the trainings to continue to multiply