Thank you for stepping up…

…so we can step in!

Happy Independence Day for all in the United States of America! Despite the turmoil in our great nation right now, I am still so proud to be born in America. In this land of the home of the free and the brave we have the freedom to develop better ways to connect across cultures and generations: to be BETTER TOGETHER.

This week as we celebrate our independence, we want to thank you for stepping up to help women in the 10/40 window find their independence from poverty and injustice. Because you step up to help WiW, we can step into the lives of women, offering them the help and hope found ONLY in Christ Jesus.

Although our primary focus remains the hearts and minds of women leaders, and our training efforts have increased through online platforms, God’s Word is clear, Remember the poor! (Galatians 2:10)

We at Women in the Window International are eager to do so—here’s how we are stepping in:

In India & Nepal, many are suffering in silence as death tolls rise through poverty and suicide. WiW sent financial support so that our women leaders can assist those who lack daily food and access to running water. Imagine not having water when they need to wash their hands for 20 seconds 10 times a day!

The Middle East is facing financial turmoil because of COVID-19 shutdowns and confinement. WiW provides access to online training for women in positions of influence who help fulfill God’s high and holy calling to train those who will train others (2 Timothy 2:2) in servant leadership and soul care.

Widows in Africa are commonly left with absolutely no means of support following the death of their husbands. They receive micro-business skills that enable them to survive and even thrive as they see themselves as women of dignity and value.

Join us on Thursday, July 16th to hear from more widows, women leaders, and WiW team members and to learn more about how you can step up so that we can step in!

JOIN US LIVE ON YOUTUBE or FACEBOOKIf we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.”
Galatians 5:25

The Helpless Have Hope

The Helpless have Hope

“As for me, I would seek God and inquire of Him, and I would commit my cause to God;
Who does great and unsearchable things, marvelous things without number…

So the helpless have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.” Job 5:8-9, 16

What’s the view from YOUR window?
Perhaps you’ve seen, or even joined, the online social media group called, “View from my window.” With more than 2 million members, and nearly as many posts and photos, this has understandingly become an incredible space for inspiration and community during this time of COVID-19 confinement.
Here at Women in the Window, we look up to the Lord and ask Him to open the windows of heaven and provide an even more dramatic and life-giving view for the women and girls we serve. A window of hope.

God is opening the windows of Heaven to provide for their physical needs and emotional longings through the creativity of our WiW ministry partners. We are delighted to champion their cause and to become the hands, feet and heart of Jesus expressing His love to them in tangible and intangible ways.

Our Women in the Window team is developing additional curriculum in response to their current needs. For now, the doors remain closed for face to face trainings and international travel. But the zoom rooms are crowded with opportunities to learn and grow together across cultures and generations.
Join us as we, ‘Seek God and inquire of Him,” that He will be true to His Word to open windows that reveal great and unsearchable things.  He already has!  And here’s how…

  • Widows and their children receive relief through our face mask partnership project
  • Clean hearts and hands through West African hand-sanitizer outreach plan is underway
  • Online learning platforms with WiW curriculum for women leaders in the Middle East
  • And a bit of relief through financial aid for women and girls in India

Thank you for helping us open new windows of hope!
Yours because I’m His,

P.S. Plan to join us for our WiW Open Windows Virtual Celebration Event, Thursday, July 16, where YOU will have the opportunity to experience firsthand stories from women leaders in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. More to come…

Urgent Support Needed for East African Widows – Receive your Beautiful Gift

africa training

“We will channel the contribution from this sale to meet the current needs and support our future trainings…that we will be ready to implement when this pestilence passes.”
Jackline, WiW East Africa Widows Leader

Widows are often the most vulnerable in times of economic and political crisis. They are desperately alone and have sparingly few financial and material resources. Not only that, they are often left with the entire responsibility of supporting their children. Many lack the skills or access to income-generating projects or small businesses. This was true of the widow in 2 Kings 4. She appealed to the Prophet Elisha, saying that her children would soon be taken from her if she did not pay the debts of her deceased husband. And she had no hope of paying such a debt. Through this prophet, God led the widow to 1) shelter in place 2) work with her own hands and 3) trust God for her provision and protection. As we know, she was NOT disappointed. God miraculously provided everything she needed, with abundance.

The widows we serve in East Africa bear a striking resemblance to this widow. They are equally vulnerable with the threat of their children being taken as payment for their debts. AND, they are equally resourceful and enterprising. Most of all they are equally FAITHFUL to God and His Word. You might remember that we provided a micro-business training for 30+ widows last year. They in turn multiplied this training so that more than 100 widows were trained in micro-business skills. Now that they are sheltering in place, their skills are producing a product that is vitally important to us all—face masks.

Women in the Window is delighted to feature these masks as our May COVID-Connection Project. We have a limited number of masks to share with you. *From now until May 31, you will receive a beautiful reversible mask for a suggested donation of $25 or more to the Widows Project. This is not the actual cost of the mask, but it enables us to continue our partnership with the widows of East Africa. After shipping and handling, we will send funds to meet their vital needs which includes food for the elderly widows, masks for the children, and support of future trainings. Any surplus will be set aside for WIW next level leadership and micro-business trainings.


Will you join us in this month’s COVID-Connection Project?

Yours Because I’m His,

Are We There Yet?

I well remember a cross-country road trip with my parents where this question was asked incessantly by my sisters and myself. The long and winding road—hour upon hour, mile after mile—was just that—winding and WAY too long! Even though Disneyland was our desired and final destination, nothing seemed worth this never-ending agony. Are we there yet being our constant plea for mercy! 

In these days of COVID-19 confinement, undoubtedly many of us feel that way. With a serious global pandemic touching and taking lives in 185 nations, our hearts grow weary and our patience grows thin. At least mine does. Much like our childhood cross-country escapade, I find myself asking, Are we there yet?”   My parents knew what it would take to get to Disneyland. How much more does God know the way forward. He is the God of the now, the not yet, and eternity! 

AND, yes, He is the God of today.  So, we can savor each moment of each day as we watch and wait together. Here are some ways we are doing just that at Women in the Window International: 

  • Monthly prayer gatherings in our WiW “zoom room”
  • Daily connections with women leaders in Africa, Asia and the Middle East on WhatsApp
  • Preparations being made to equip and empower women leaders, replacing poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ through online learning platforms & updated curriculum

The voice of our Lord Jesus is not silent. In fact, it is not even muffled. As we join our hearts with women in other nations daily, it is striking to learn how we all hear the same message of repentance and restoration. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Remember, “…He is able to save forever (to the uttermost!) those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” Hebrews 7:25. And that, my friend, is my continued prayer. May we draw near to His throne with full confidence that He not only hears but that He will abundantly answer.

Yours because I’m His,


P.S. PLEASE remember to visit our website and let us know how to best pray for you: 

They Are Giving Thanks To God For You (FF Prayer – May 1 2020)

Women in Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East are giving thanks to God for YOU! Why? Because you are responding to God’s clarion call to join with Him and unite with one another in prayer! Yes, during this COVID-19 crisis it is increasingly clear that God has invited us to seek Him in the place of prayer, even weeping and prayer, between the porch and the altar! (see Joel 2:17) It is here that the work of intercessory prayer takes place. But this work, or labor of love, is not in vain. It holds the promise of great results as our God intently listens for the cries of His children.

JOIN US AS WE COME TOGETHER FOR OUR FIRST FRIDAY PRAYER Zoom Gathering, MAY 1. One of our Women in the Window partners, Ameera (not her real name) from North Africa, who is currently living and serving Christ in Europe will speak from her heart about COVID-19 as it wages war against the peoples of Europe and North Africa.  Join Zoom Call

Here’s the schedule.  Choose the best time for you to join the call: 

11:30 to 12 noon—Prayer teaching by Jean Bowen-Smith, Women in the Window board Vice-Chair will present “Building a Leadership Prayer Hedge,” from God’s Shield of Protection and/or
12 noon to 1 p.m.— Ameera will share her heart for her people in North Africa during the season of Ramadan, the Muslim month of prayer and fasting from April 23 to May 23, 2020. She will also brief us on the impact of COVID-19 in her homeland of North Africa and her current home in Europe.

During this hour, we will spend time in prayer for the nations where WiW serves; for governments, churches and ministries, for families, businesses, and for the lost to know Christ. We are asking God to bring global revival of His people during COVID-19 so that we are healed in body, soul and spirit!

As we continue to weep between the porch and the altar, God will hear. God will answer. God will bring healing and hope:  “And I will pour out My Spirit on . . . your sons and your daughters . . . and it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the LORD will be delivered.” Joel 2:28-32

Your partner in prayer,

P.S.  WiW has put aside the week of May 1 to May 8 for prayer and fasting.   For more information or to join reply through

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Faith expressing itself through love! OR The ONLY thing that matters!

Have you seen them?

Have you seen them? Many advertisements and communication tools include this year’s date, “2020,” as a reminder that we need vision—clear vision—in times like these.  It’s true. Without vision, we stumble and even fall. But when we approach life with His clear vision, we see clearly once again that, “the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love” (Galatians 5:6 NIV).

This past week we had the joy of reuniting with several Women in the Window MENA ministry partners for a time of rejoicing in what God is doing in their midst, coupled with the difficult reality of their current circumstances which includes much persecution and political turmoil. They shared how God is at work through stories—factual accounts—that closely resemble the work of the Lord in the book of Acts.

We heard amazing testimonies of Muslims trusting Christ through dreams, visions, and testimonies. But also, of women, especially widows, facing severe affliction that seem beyond their ability to bear if it were not for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the help of God’s people. Girls are forbidden to receive an education and married to elderly men by the age of 13. Young girls taken as slaves for ISIS.

We cried, and sometimes laughed, always praying together. Through the power of prayer and their powerful testimonies, Women in the Window gained 2020 vision for the best way to serve our Lord together, with faith that expresses itself through love!

With faith in His perfect love,


Thank you for making ALL of this possible through YOUR fervent prayers and faithful offerings!

Want to learn more about our work in the MENA region? Join us for our 2020 Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, March 31st to hear one of our ministry partners from the MENA region share firsthand accounts of God at work in. Reserve your place at the table by calling 561-249-5377 or visit our website:

God Is Love! Widows’ Valentine Month Offering


Women in the Window International is in the business of sowing seeds into the lives of widows in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth.

The seeds that we sow are seeds of Truth from God’s Word coupled with practical and life-changing skills. Depending on their circumstances, the women we partner with have been known to yield amazing results.

God is love. And Jesus is God in the flesh. As He walked, talked, served and taught, the love of God flowed from His life and teaching in beautiful and life-changing ways.

Jesus often taught using parables, or stories with a hidden meaning. One of His best known parables is found in Mark 4 and describes a sower, or a farmer, and explains the obstacles he faced in planting, and harvesting a fruitful crop. At the end of the parable, we learn that different seeds yielded different results. In fact, the difference between them was exponential as some yielded 30, others 60, but still others 100 times as much as was planted. What an incredible blessing for the farmer—

And other seeds fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.” Mark 4:8 ESV

Such is the case with the widows of East Africa. One of our newest ministry partners is a brand-new ministry serving widows and enabling them to bring transformation to their own lives, families and communities. Last November we trained 30 widows with biblically-based business start-up skills. These same widows are now prepared to take this training to at least 70 more widows in February, yielding a hundredfold harvest of changed lives and thriving communities.

Will you help us as we enter into this new phase of our partnership? By investing 30, 60, or 100 dollars into Women in the Window’s widow partnership this month, you will enable us to bring the Love of Christ in tangible ways to these widows who are prepared and poised to yield a hundredfold harvest!

Give your “love offering” this Valentine’s month by giving online or sending a check to: Women in the Window International, 2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 253, West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

Do you know how much you’re worth?

The story of one woman in Nepal was heartbreaking.   Her husband threatened to chase her out of the house and get a new wife if the baby she was expecting turned out to be a boy, because he already had a son.  She earnestly sought the Lord in prayer.  You see, it is almost impossible to survive as an abandoned woman in South Asia.

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is grateful to God for her beautiful new daughter. This agonizing story became redemptive as she saw for herself the undeniable love of our God through the inductive study of His Word. And, she even helped the other women embrace the timeless truths of God’s Word: NOTHING can stop God’s plan and He ALWAYS fulfills His promises.

What’s your first response to this question? For many of us, we might focus on our net worth (as in dollars and cents). But if you are one of the young women attending our Women in the Window servant leadership trainings in Nepal, your concept of worth is dramatically different. Our WiW team traveled to Nepal in December 2019 and had the joy of training 87 women leaders. Each of these women were eager to learn and apply servant leadership principles into their own lives and ministries. And most have heartbreaking stories of how little they are valued in their culture, and for many, even in their own families.

You are a priceless addition to the Women in the Window International community. Thank you for helping us bring this message of God’s implausible love and the inestimable worth of each person, including women and girls, to thousands more in 2020.

Please join us in prayer for the following requests:

  1. Wisdom and provision for our staff as we develop strategy to train “next generation” leaders who are eager to grow in their influence and aptitude.
  2. Volunteers who are available to travel and train in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and meet the growing number of training requests we receive!
  3. February training in East Africa as the widows who have received micro-enterprise training provide this training for nearly 100 more widows.

The Unthinkable Becomes The “Doable” With Your Giving Tuesday Help!

giving tuesday

giving tuesday

What does it mean to be a widow? The dictionary definition is simply a woman whose husband is deceased. She is no longer married and now has the full responsibility of support for herself and her children. The biblical definition of a widow is someone deserving honor and extra care if she is a widow in need. BUT, in many parts of the world, especially where Women in the Window is actively at work advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, widows are shunned and even shamed. They are treated with disrespect rather than respect. They are ostracized from their families and communities, and many times all of the inheritance left them by their husbands is taken by his family of origin.

Giving TuesdayUnthinkable? Yes! But this is the reality of millions of widows today. Their vulnerability often leads not only to poverty, but also to disease as the HIV epidemic is rampant among widows in certain parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. This Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we have the privilege of serving widows such as these. God’s Word has no less than 100 references with clear direction of how widows are to be treated. Through our emerging partnership in East Africa, we recently completed a 3-day micro-enterprise project for 30 widows. These widows were selected as those who are able and willing to learn and apply the business principles to their own lives and start small and sustainable businesses soon! AND they agreed to our expectation that they will also pass along this training to 70 more widows in January 2020! Together that makes a total of 100 widows whose lives are transformed by biblical business principles and small business start-ups. Their sadness will soon turn to rejoicing in Christ!

The unthinkable becomes the “doable” with your Giving Tuesday help!

Women in the Window International is so excited to share this investment opportunity with you on Giving Tuesday when your gift to help widows through WiW micro-enterprise training will be matched dollar for dollar! Yes, the unthinkable atrocity of shaming and shunning widows is overturned. The new normal for the widows is that their lives become financially solvent, and their days are full of productivity. AND, their children and grandchildren embrace a bright future full of hope.

Won’t you help us? Just click the donate button below and indicate that your gift is a Giving Tuesday gift for our Women in the Window International widows project. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, call our office at 561-249-5377 to give over the phone. Mail your donations to Women in the Window International, 2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 253 West Palm Beach, FL 33411.


East African Widows Training is Underway

East African Widows Training is Underway

We are delighted to inform you that our ministry initiative with widows in East Africa is fully underway! Two of our women leaders from Africa Inland Church traveled from South Sudan to Kenya to provide much needed micro-enterprise training for a group of 30 widows. This is quite exciting on many fronts as Women in the Window International has a great opportunity to reverse the curse of their situation. You see, widows in the developing world; nations of Africa & Asia specifically, are treated with shame rather than honor. Their physical, emotional and relational needs are ignored. Simply because they are widows, they are deprived basic necessities of life instead of receiving care and support as they should. This is both sad and shocking.

With this training, our women leaders from Sudan and South Sudan, Mama Paula and Mama Margaret, are providing business skills training to enable them to not only start but sustain a thriving business!

Make sure you visit our WiW Facebook page and stay tuned for an opportunity to help us provide a follow-up training in early 2020 as these 30 widows widen their impact to 100 widows and more!!

Please join us in prayer and praise—
Praise God for our new ministry initiative with widows in East Africa established by an energetic young Kenyan woman, Jackie, and her team of five! Praise for the safety of Mama’s Paula & Margaret! Praise God for the 30+ widows who are enjoying the training and already planning their future businesses.

Pray for an anointing on each lesson taught asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate the WiW curriculum to enable the widows to understand in their own heart language what is being taught and assimilate the biblical truths and practical lessons into their current and future situations.

Pray for God to unite our hearts with the widows so that we can empower and equip still more in 2020!

Philippians 4:18-19, “I have received full payment and even more; I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”