The Unthinkable Becomes The “Doable” With Your Giving Tuesday Help!

giving tuesday

giving tuesday

What does it mean to be a widow? The dictionary definition is simply a woman whose husband is deceased. She is no longer married and now has the full responsibility of support for herself and her children. The biblical definition of a widow is someone deserving honor and extra care if she is a widow in need. BUT, in many parts of the world, especially where Women in the Window is actively at work advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, widows are shunned and even shamed. They are treated with disrespect rather than respect. They are ostracized from their families and communities, and many times all of the inheritance left them by their husbands is taken by his family of origin.

Giving TuesdayUnthinkable? Yes! But this is the reality of millions of widows today. Their vulnerability often leads not only to poverty, but also to disease as the HIV epidemic is rampant among widows in certain parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. This Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we have the privilege of serving widows such as these. God’s Word has no less than 100 references with clear direction of how widows are to be treated. Through our emerging partnership in East Africa, we recently completed a 3-day micro-enterprise project for 30 widows. These widows were selected as those who are able and willing to learn and apply the business principles to their own lives and start small and sustainable businesses soon! AND they agreed to our expectation that they will also pass along this training to 70 more widows in January 2020! Together that makes a total of 100 widows whose lives are transformed by biblical business principles and small business start-ups. Their sadness will soon turn to rejoicing in Christ!

The unthinkable becomes the “doable” with your Giving Tuesday help!

Women in the Window International is so excited to share this investment opportunity with you on Giving Tuesday when your gift to help widows through WiW micro-enterprise training will be matched dollar for dollar! Yes, the unthinkable atrocity of shaming and shunning widows is overturned. The new normal for the widows is that their lives become financially solvent, and their days are full of productivity. AND, their children and grandchildren embrace a bright future full of hope.

Won’t you help us? Just click the donate button below and indicate that your gift is a Giving Tuesday gift for our Women in the Window International widows project. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, call our office at 561-249-5377 to give over the phone. Mail your donations to Women in the Window International, 2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 253 West Palm Beach, FL 33411.


East African Widows Training is Underway

East African Widows Training is Underway

We are delighted to inform you that our ministry initiative with widows in East Africa is fully underway! Two of our women leaders from Africa Inland Church traveled from South Sudan to Kenya to provide much needed micro-enterprise training for a group of 30 widows. This is quite exciting on many fronts as Women in the Window International has a great opportunity to reverse the curse of their situation. You see, widows in the developing world; nations of Africa & Asia specifically, are treated with shame rather than honor. Their physical, emotional and relational needs are ignored. Simply because they are widows, they are deprived basic necessities of life instead of receiving care and support as they should. This is both sad and shocking.

With this training, our women leaders from Sudan and South Sudan, Mama Paula and Mama Margaret, are providing business skills training to enable them to not only start but sustain a thriving business!

Make sure you visit our WiW Facebook page and stay tuned for an opportunity to help us provide a follow-up training in early 2020 as these 30 widows widen their impact to 100 widows and more!!

Please join us in prayer and praise—
Praise God for our new ministry initiative with widows in East Africa established by an energetic young Kenyan woman, Jackie, and her team of five! Praise for the safety of Mama’s Paula & Margaret! Praise God for the 30+ widows who are enjoying the training and already planning their future businesses.

Pray for an anointing on each lesson taught asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate the WiW curriculum to enable the widows to understand in their own heart language what is being taught and assimilate the biblical truths and practical lessons into their current and future situations.

Pray for God to unite our hearts with the widows so that we can empower and equip still more in 2020!

Philippians 4:18-19, “I have received full payment and even more; I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

What will YOUR choice be?

What will YOUR choice be?

Many have heard the story of Queen Esther, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, and positioned by God Himself to deliver her nation from an evil demise. The pinnacle of the story became a moment of deliverance as God set His people free from evil. Esther was given a choice—stand with God or fall with evil. She chose the first although it involved great risk to herself and her people. God honors her courage and obedience. The people of God are delivered as a result, and their lives overflow with joy and gladness (see Esther 8:15-17). Esther herself enjoyed full authority in a region from India to Ethiopia (Esther 8:9)!

We are facing a day that is no less dangerous for the people of God. This Sunday, November 3, 2019, is designated International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church .  And then, Women in the Window International is inviting you to join us and our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for a 3-day fast*, Monday through Wednesday, November 4 – 6. Our ministry partners in North Africa and the Middle East are facing incredibly difficult times.  What will your choice be? Join us as we call out to God on their behalf! Your prayers will become part of a mighty chorus of fervent prayer, for such a time as this!

Here are the urgent prayer requests from Algeria: 1. The reopening of their churches! 2. Protection of the pastors and their families. 3. Encouragement of Algerian Christians. 4. Justice for Christians taken to court and imprisoned for their faith. 5.  Algerian government to rule justly.

Urgent request from Lebanon: Let us gather in spirit as an army of prayer warriors to lift up our dear country Lebanon, before God, and plead for His mercy. May He point out the “Haman” in the Lebanese story, and lift up the “Mordecai.” And, let us all be the “Esther’s” who will intercede for Lebanon. 

This November we will send two Women In the Window teams to the field—one to the Lakota Native American women for a Trauma Healing Workshop, November 20-25; and one to serve with a group of 100 widows in Sub-Saharan Africa, November 24-28. This unique and exciting training will be led by South Sudanese women who have been trained in Women in the Window International micro-enterprise trainings. Specific prayer requests will be sent as they prepare to depart.

Last but not least: Please Join us for our Women in the Window International Fall Event, an evening of praise and prayer; Remember & Rejoice! Details follow:

remember and rejoice

rremember and rejoice

Thank you for your choice to stand with us in prayer . . . for such a time as this.

P.S. Remember, fasting may include going without food or drink or it may be a fast of movies, social media, dessert, or anything that you treasure. Ask God what is an appropriate fast for you, and He will gladly show you!

Africa Team Home Rejoicing!

Africa Team Home Rejoicing

Our Women in the Window International team is home rejoicing. They completed the Training of Trainers with micro-enterprise lessons, and then the ladies they trained took it to other women who will in turn train others (2 Timothy 2:2). Each WiW training lesson includes Scripture appropriately placed to emphasize the truths being taught. In addition, each day includes one of the 3 windows of WiW inductive narrative Bible study as we observe, interpret and apply the biblical truths demonstrated in the life of a woman in the Bible.

Africa Team Home Rejoicing

Thank you SO much for your faithful prayer support throughout the trip and training. If you’d like to stay connected with WiW as we continue to equip and empower women, replacing poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ, sign up HERE.

Here’s a final word from our dynamic West Africa training team:

“Today was the pivotal moment to see whether what the attendees learned at the conference actually STUCK and if they were in turn able to teach others!

At 9 am we were piled into a typical African bus…. colourful church slogan on the side, right front door that needed a vicious slam to close, and all of us, literally squished into place. Thank goodness, as seatbelts didn’t exist. Oh yes, and there was only a high step up into the cabin, so those women wearing the traditional tight skirts did a sideways hop, praying to nail the first rung!

We bounced gamely along, knowing that the trip was a short one to the church Centre.  Amazing, there were women who gathered for the training!  When the word goes out in Africa, we know it’s really by mouth, not an email blast.

We set our new trainers free to do their rotations. What is Microenterprise, Promotion and Marketing,  Price and Profit, and Mapping! They did it!  They shaped the nuggets of the four lessons into their contextual teaching and spiced the content with their understanding.  After each lesson there were questions and answers!

I would say the teaching was a success. First, transferring and raising their vision as trainers, and then the trainers training the successive generation.

We had an absolute blast. A lot of hard work, yet we served with the mind of Christ towards this new level of WiW Training of Trainers . . . a totally harmonious time with one another on our team and women from 5 African nations.”

Toni, Connie and Mindy

Africa Team Home Rejoicing

Passing The Baton In Africa

Passing The Baton In Africa

Dear Praying Friends,

This week has just flown by as the Trainer of Trainer’s has finished and we jumped into the different sections of micro-enterprise!

On Monday, Dayo, an African ministry leader known and trusted by Women in the Window, led off on a fascinating discourse about local sustainability for ministries. Mindy tackled a very big concept in the Science of Training, Connie the Art of Training,  then Toni followed up with the Spiritual Component of Training. As you knew, this was the big roll out of this study. Even though we were teaching in new waters, it was really interesting to actually present it at long last.

Passing The Baton In Africa

Biblical Women in Business was a wonderful affirmation of the value and the gifts the Lord has given women. Defining micro-enterprise was a familiar concept to the women – start small with what you have and with where you are.  Basing this on the Bible and seeing how the Lord uses businesses in women’s lives to bless their families and their communities was a precious affirmation for them. The Importance of Planning came next. When Toni was drawing the speed bumps on the paper, going off the road with her car, and coming to a dead end, the lightbulb went on with a lot of the women. Dayo, said :”if you fail to plan, your plans will fail.”

Mindy taught Marketing and of course, the concept of the four legged chair: “Product, Price, Promotion, and Place!”  She taped each component to a leg of the chair and put it up on the table. No missing that lesson! Then the lesson that most of us totally avoid …Pricing and Profit came next. Connie had drawn the entire pricing sheet ahead of time. You should have seen the eyes of the women widen when they looked at that!  But Connie, in her winsome manner, calmed the storm and by the end, made the list look so logical, that everyone wondered why they were so intimidated!

We had a foot washing ceremony this afternoon anointing our African sisters to be ”goers and doers of the Word”. It’s our turn to pass the batons to our students, who are stepping up to be multipliers of what they have learned from Women in the Window International. This is our 5th training here.  Thursday, we are leaving the compound at 9 o’clock and heading over to a local church in HO. We are to meet a group of women for our students to practice transferring what they have learned the last three days!

Every morning has started with songs of praise and thanksgiving. Every day We have done an inductive Bible study. At dinner time there’s lots of talk around the tables about how wonderful is the Spirit of Unity. Thank you for sending us through your prayers and offerings, we have definitely been blessed to be here.

Love to all of you from Africa,
Mindy, Connie, and Toni Lee

Passing The Baton In Africa

Passing The Baton In Africa

Off To An Excellent Beginning In West Africa

Off To An Excellent Beginning In West Africa

Dear Praying Friends of Women In The Window,

We are elated to share that our Women in the Window International West Africa team has arrived safely and the first day of training is now complete! This is highly significant and here’s why:

Women leaders from five West African nations: The Gambia, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria will converge in Ghana for Training of Trainers this week led by our team: Mindy, Connie and Toni, taking this ministry to the next level with a Training of Trainers. Here’s the first report from our team, and stay tuned for more to come later this week. Thank you, in advance, for your faithful and fervent prayers!!

Off To An Excellent Beginning In West Africa

Report from Toni, Connie & Mindy:
“We offer praises for the seamless connections from the United States to Accra. We are grateful for the heart of Pastor and Elizabeth coming all the way from Ho to pick us up and then turn around and drive us back three hours. Accommodations at the hotel are comfortable and gracious. The food is superb as usual. Ghana cuisine never fails to delight! All of the women from the five different areas have arrived safely, no luggage or lost babies in tow! Everybody is in fine form and leaning forward into this incredible opportunity for Trainers of trainers!  The Holy Spirit has definitely filled this place. All of the prayers and expectations as you built this trip are manifesting.”

“We’re so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve his people in the global arena of the 10/40 window. Love from the hills in the Volta region.”

Off To An Excellent Beginning In West Africa

Middle East Team Home Rejoicing – Urgent Prayers Needed For Algeria

Middle East Team Home Rejoicing

Dear Praying Friends,

We are home from the Middle East rejoicing! There is so much to share of our God’s goodness and the answers to your faithful prayers. The following praise and prayer points are from our WiW ME team, Carolyn, Lara and myself, Kim:

As ALWAYS God exceeded our expectations! The ladies in Lebanon hailed from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. We celebrated the love Christ has for us and the amazing privilege we have to bless Him through our praise, our prayer, our service and yes, our rest. The training opened with Psalm 103 as we sang and devoted ourselves to the purpose of blessing God along with all throughout eternity!

As servant leaders, each of these ladies not only learned some new principles of servant leadership, but they practiced what they learned by truly resting in the Lord. Our ministry partner in Lebanon planned an excellent schedule that included times of rest, renewal and training. We celebrated God’s unique purpose and place of Lebanon in Scripture as we reflected on the words of Isaiah 35:1-3.

The North African ladies serving with AWEMA were thrilled with the servant leadership training as well. They spent time together in their ministry groups developing SMART goals to implement in Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and various parts of Egypt including South Sudanese refugees. Their follow-up plans include serving the poor, the churches, outreach ministries, handicapped, college students and campuses, and reaching the lost. So much more to say . . .but most of all, Thank You!!  Love, Kim

And here are a few thank you’s from this outstanding Women in the Window training team, Carolyn Olliff and Lara Holt. They engaged fully in each training, and were a blessing to each and every woman!

From Carolyn:
I would first like to thank all prayer warriors for their prayers.  I love that WiW surrounds all endeavors with so much prayer…our God hears our requests and knows our hearts as we are in one accord.  My praise report is for the prepared hearts of the women that attended.  They encouraged our team by diving deeply into the study and showing the fruit of application through conversation and skits. My prayer is that their courage is sustained in Christ alone as they go back into their daily lives.  Thank you WiW for this blessed experience may the Lord continue His work in all of us.  God bless you. Carolyn

From Lara:
Many, many thanks to all who prayed. Your prayers were deeply felt and very much appreciated. Through them, you were as much a part of the team as Kim, Carolyn and I were. So thank you! Please continue to lift up our sisters and brothers who are working in Arab nations to spread the gospel. Pray that they would be lights in dark places and for protection, strength and encouragement. Pray that their work would be fruitful and blessed. Praise God for all who attended these two conferences and pray that the things heard would not be forgotten, but would bear much fruit.  With a grateful heart, Lara.

Thank you for your prayers, support and involvement with WiW. 
Yours because I”m His,

P.S.  We need your urgent prayers for our ministry partner in Algeria. The government plans to shut their church on Wednesday.  They plan to prayerfully resist with praise, singing and their presence inside the church building! Please pray with us that what Satan means for evil will result instead in the saving of many lives, including salvation of the police and government officials similar to the Philippian jailer—Acts 16:29-31, “The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas. 30 He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” 31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

Our 3 Woman Africa Team Wants You To Know

Dear Praying Friends of Women In The Window:

As our Middle East team returned home from an outstanding time for Women in the Window to provide servant leadership training to more than 50 women leaders from 7 nations, they joyfully & eagerly pass the baton of Holy Spirit inspired training to our West Africa team . . .

Connie, Mindy and Toni Lee are soon to lift off from the USA for Ghana to lead a Training of Trainers for carefully, prayerfully selected women leaders from 5 African nations: Ghana, Togo, Benin, the Gambia and Nigeria.

All of our WiW trainings are reproducible and sustainable in the local context, but this is a new dimension for WiW! This is the first time we will hold a Training of Trainers that lifts women to a higher level of responsibility and opportunity to train those who will train others!

As we get ready to depart, please join us in prayer:

Pray that our WiW ToT will truly be used for “Multiplication” in their villages, cities and nations. That the Women in the Window lessons are a source of biblical strength and transformation and that our team’s work is sustainable and reproducible!!!

Pray that the women will enjoy the sweetest unity with one another as they lift up Christ and advance His kingdom together across Africa—with one mind and one heart for the one True Gospel message, in word and action!!

Pray for us as an outward bound team:  That our families be snug and safe, that the heart of a mother as Connie and Mindy, be resting in the LORD’s arms around the children and husbands.

Pray for our physical bodies!!! We do ask the Lord that our construction do well with the rigorous travels: Planes and long roads in Ghana, that sitting, standing, dancing, all be for YOUR Praise Lord.

Pray that the connections to and from Ghana be seamless.  Luggage stuffed with goodies for the women arrive safely.  That relationships among the gatherers and trainers be sweet and melted into unity before the LORD.  That the Holy Spirit take captive every thought for His Glory in our words and deeds!

Pray that we are all filled with new insights, a new experience of appropriating the Power for Living, and that the joy of the Lord just bubble out in everything we do and we will inform WiW with these insights so that other women leaders will benefit from this ToT model.

Pray that we all walk out wearing robes as daughters of the King, and that You, King Jesus, are well pleased with us, that THY kingdom come and THY will be done.

In His Matchless love we stand amazed,

Mindy, Connie and Toni Lee
Travel dates:  October 11 – October 20th, 2019

Middle East Team Update 2

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you very much for your prayers for our Middle East team! Lara, Carolyn and I are honestly amazed by God’s blessings and wide-open doors of ministry. Travel continues to be smooth and uneventful. Women leaders are eager to learn and to pass along what they learn from WiW throughout their ministries!

We are about to begin our 2nd training of Middle Eastern and North African women. Stay tuned for more updates and PLEASE KEEP PRAYING. Meanwhile, here’s a thought for you from the Word of God and my heart…

–Just in case you ever wonder how much you mean to me and to us all at Women in the Window International, here is a story from Scripture to reinforce your significant role in this ministry!

In 1 Samuel 30:18-31 David wins a notable battle. And when the credits roll, so to speak, some of the soldiers try to keep the credit all to themselves. But under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, David calls them wicked and worthless!

Woah. Strong words. And then, better yet, he actually changes the rules and commands those who “stay by the baggage” (see 1 Samuel 30:24) to receive an equal share of all the riches received from the Lord.

In God’s economy, the spoils of victory are equally shared by those who pray, give and go! Perhaps you have done all of the above.
But maybe you can best pray. Awesome! Or you give to the Lord Jesus Christ through Women in the Window International! HALLELUJAH and thank you!

Eternity will reveal the final pay day as full rewards are presented to us by God Himself and we hear the glorious words from our Savior, “Well done!” (Matthew 25:23)

While it is still called ‘today’ we encourage you to have great joy in your service for Him! For those who don’t go, THANK YOU for staying by the baggage with us until the whole world knows–Him!

With grateful and overflowing hearts,
Kim, Carolyn and Lara

Middle East Team Update 3

Middle East Team Update

Middle East Team Update

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation].

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me [following Me as My disciple], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest (renewal, blessed quiet) for your souls.”  MATTHEW 11:28-29 AMP

Thank you for your prayers for our Women in the Window International team here in the Middle East! We arrived safely with uneventful travel, luggage included 😊.

We are now halfway through our first week of training. What a joy and privilege to serve these faithful women who tirelessly serve others. The women we are serving are from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. They work among Hazidis, Armenians, Druze and neighboring nations and people groups.

Women in the Middle East are under a heavy burden. The religious rituals of the majority religion here are oppressive and harsh, especially towards women. Our ministry partners are tirelessly working to replace the lies and burdens placed upon them with truth, peace and love.

Please pray for us to bring the refreshing rest of God’s Word, servant leadership lessons and a very real sense that they are deeply loved and cherished by God Himself. And by each of you who make this possible through your prayers and support!

With grateful and overflowing hearts,
Carolyn, Lara and Kim

Middle East Team Update

Middle East Team Update    Middle East Team Update

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