A Day Like No Other

This is the Day Praise Words

This is the DAY. A special day that will never be repeated. Like no other day before, nor any day to follow. As we turn the calendar from June to July, we recognize that one-half of this year is over. And at least 180 of these days are behind us too. But just look at what God has already done as we:

“Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.” Psalm 96:2b

Yes, there is much to celebrate and proclaim. We are overjoyed to send you this brief update on just some of the ways God has blessed the work of WiW in the first 6 months of 2021. Together with you and because of your faithful support, prayers, and hours of service, we rejoice in:

  • 1048+ women leaders equipped and empowered already in 2021
  • New MENA (Middle East | North Africa) women’s network started with 33 women leaders.
  • New ministry launched to serve rural populations in West Africa—Seek Truth
  • New women’s ministry leader added to a thriving women’s training ministry in Nepal.
  • EXCITING News—WiW is expanding into Bangladesh! Stay tuned for more details…
  • Women from Islamic nations living in the Diaspora are joining with WiW to learn and grow.
  • Gather & Grow—quarterly online training events for all our Ministry Partners provided:
    • Trauma Healing—January
    • Kitchen Gardens—June

More to come…

Gratefully His and yours,


P.S. Stay tuned as our Soap-making machine project launches in July; followed by a Trauma Healing Retreat addressing the excruciating losses of covid-19 in India! And a Kitchen Garden sustainable food source training which is embraced by women in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia this August. The women leaders of the Middle East and North Africa collaborate and celebrate in ways that they never dreamt possible prior to the global pandemic as we continue to pivot to serve them online.

Are You Qualified to Teach?

widows day

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2 NIV.

Thanks to WiW’s flourishing ministry among widows, including Nyanam International, Where Widows Rise, Rebecca has qualifications that she considers some of her greatest treasures.

Rebecca is probably one of the most reliable women you would ever hope to meet. As a widow in Sub-Saharan Africa, her workday begins before dawn and lasts until long after the physical sun has set. Widows are often treated with contempt and have no one to help them. Yet, her work ethic embodies Proverbs 31:19a, “She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household.”

So far this year she completed narrative inductive Bible study, Micro-enterprise, Trauma healing, and, what’s even more exciting to us, she recently led a portion of the Kitchen Garden training that extended to women leaders on 5 continents from 12 different ministries. Yes, Rebecca is truly qualified to teach others, who will teach others, who will in turn teach others. . .

widows day

As we celebrate International Widow’s Day, Rebecca is just one example of how Women in the Window equips and empowers women to replace poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ. And specifically, how we equip and empower hundreds of widows!

I hope you are energized as you hear just how your gifts, prayers, and volunteering enables widows throughout the 10/40 window with Life-giving skills as the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please consider how your faithful giving and fervent prayers keep this momentum moving forward as more reliable women leaders are qualified to teach others, who will in turn teach others.

Joyfully Serving Christ with you,


Firsthand Report from India

Every morning our phones are filled with just such text messages…

Undoubtedly, you have seen the news from India! Hundreds are dying daily. The US government has issued a Level 4 travel advisory due to life-threatening risks and requests US citizens leave immediately. And while it is heart-wrenching to hear these news reports, how much more horrible it would be to hear that more than 100+ of your close friends have passed away due to covid-19 in the past week?! That is precisely what we heard just yesterday…

Please join our First Friday prayer gathering on Friday, May 7th to hear firsthand from Koki Desai, our WiW Regional Ministry Associate.  Jesus promised that when we pray together, God hears & answers. Matthew 18:19.

 Read the following prayer letter from Koki Desaiand as you read, PRAY:

Happy and Preeti are our closest family friends. We are in mentoring relationships for many years. Happy does business as mission. Preeti is one of our WiW women leaders and teaches in a local school. Last week their whole family became Corona positive. In our city Happy and Preeti got the beds in hospital. Parents had to be sent in other town hospital. Children were home quarantined alone. This is the common story of so many here in India!

BUT because God is good, there is also cause for PRAISE:

This morning Happy was on the phone, said, “God let my mother live as long as He wanted and then called her Home. The Lord spoke to me from David’s life, “My mother was down with Corona in the hospital, I thought, who knows? The Lord may be gracious to us and let her live, but now that she is dead why should I grieve. Can I bring her back again? I will go to her, but she will not return to me.” (from 2 Samuel 12:23)

God gave her to us and then took her back” Happy then said with tears, “We know the Lord and have hope of eternity . . . what about the others who do not know the Lord?

We praise God for such testimonies. We also praise God that the churches and Christian institutions are opening their doors to become Isolation Centres. ALL of our several hundred hospitals are full as they are across the sub-continent of India! Churches are also providing free food to people.


People are dying due to lack of oxygen and injections. One report says that at least one person is dying every 4 minutes. They wait long hours for ambulances to take them to hospitals where there are no beds available.

In our city alone among the Christian community, in one week time we have personally lost more than 125 people who were in our circle of friends and colleagues. Some families have lost 4-5 members in just a few days’ time.

Every morning our phones are filled with such text messages. Sadly, we know many of these people personally. It is heart breaking because we cannot go and hug them or give them a shoulder to cry on. We cannot visit them in hospitals and cannot attend the funerals. Their despair is deeply distressing.

Please pray that the Lord will intervene now and visit India and His people in a new and fresh way.


Koki and Johnny Desai in purple shirt
Koki and Johnny Desai

Join us this Friday, May 7, at our First Friday Prayer Gathering to hear firsthand from Koki.  Here’s the schedule. Choose the best time for you to join the call:  

11:30 to 12 noon – Fascinating Facts—our WiW prayer team will bring you fascinating facts from South Asia to help us all pray with understanding.

12 noon to 1pm – Koki Desai, South Asia WiW Associate Regional Director, will update us on the current conditions in India, the way God is using the situation to move throughout this region, we will join together to pray for these dire needs in Asia; AND the needs of all of our ministry partners in Africa and the Middle East as Ramadan draws to a close in just two weeks from now.

PLEASE plan to join us for our May First Friday prayer gathering. Your prayers make a tremendous difference in the lives of these women and those they love.

Persisting in Prayer with you,

Click to Join May 7 First Friday Prayer

Ramadan/First Friday Prayer

“But let all who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice, Let them ever sing for joy; Because You cover and shelter them, Let those who love Your name be joyful and exult in You. ”
Psalm 5:11 Amplified Bible

this promise resonates in my heart of hearts. I well understand the need for refuge and Someone whom I can trust. But what penetrates my soul is the loving invitation to rejoice in God’s shelter.

As you well know, Women in the Window International equips women leaders in the 10/40 geographical region where women often eat last and least, have limited education, and are the victims of shame even when they deserve honor and love. But remarkably, they continually teach us how to rejoice and exult in Christ. Even now, as the global pandemic surges in many nations where WiW serves, they are rejoicing. They embody the principles of replacing their ashes for His beauty, and their mourning for His joy!

Our partnerships in the region are mutually beneficial on so many levels. And it is your prayers and support that not only sustain these partnerships, but enable them to flourish, grow and bring JOY.

Please join us in prayer for our ministry partners’ needs:
PRAISE—one of the Christian churches in Algeria is reopening this weekend!
Ramadan—the holy month of fasting for Muslims began April 13th and extends until May 12th. During this month, Muslims fast from sun-up to sundown every day seeking God’s favor. Join with WiW and thousands of other Christians as we ask God to reveal Himself to them in dreams, visions, and powerful testimonies of other believers from a Muslim background during this month. Visit:  30 Days Muslim World Prayer Focus 2021 – YouTube and download this helpful calendar: PrayerCast-30 day calendar

Covid surge in India! India, big vaccine exporter, now seeks imports as COVID-19 cases soar | Reuters. We covet your prayers for our beloved sister, Jironi, whose husband, Pastor Sanjay, passed away due to Covid-19 this week. Pray that God will cover and shelter them in His loving care and refuge.

South Sudan—wisdom as the next women’s leaders are appointed and their team organized, their national conference is scheduled for April 18 to 24, 2021, IF covid cases do not surge once again.

Soap-making trainings and equipment provided for Clean Hands & Hearts in West Africa—we are thrilled by the opportunity to both train and provide soap-making machines for 30 women leaders!

Health trainings provided for Syrian refugees in the Middle East as we equip and empower women to bring the truth of health, hygiene, nutrition as well as food for their souls found in God’s Word.

Would you like to be part of our Women in the Window Prayer Team? We would love to include you. Please reply to this email for more information and to join us as we pray over the window together.

Singing in His Shelter,

P.S. don’t wait to purchase your ticket to our Overflowing Joy Tea Party! Together we will visit Africa, Asia and the Middle East with women across the USA (including Hawaii). And since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, consider buying a ticket for your Mom or daughter!!

Click for more information or to purchase Tea Party Tickets

April First Friday Prayer – Nada

“Shout and be glad, O daughter of Zion. For I am coming, and I will live among you, declares the LORD. Many nations will be joined with the LORD in that day and will become my people . . .” Zechariah 2:10a

 our ministry partners in the Middle East and North Africa continue to smile through the storms of covid-19 lock down, economic upheaval and situations far worse than we have ever known in the USA. How can they smile and triumph over their trauma? Join us this Friday as we welcome our ministry partner leader, Nada from Lebanon, to learn more about why they are smiling and how you can help through your prayers and involvement with Women in the Window International.

Good Friday, First Friday prayer gathering this coming Friday, April 2nd.
Plan to gather with us as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and pray for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. We will launch a special prayer emphasis focused on the Muslim holiday, Ramadan, April 13 to May 12. Each year many Muslims experience the love and presence of Christ through dreams, visions and the witness of their Christian neighbors in amazing ways during Ramadan. Our prayers are the fuel to open their eyes to understand and believe!

Here’s the schedule.  Choose the best time for you to join the call:

11:30 to 12 noon— WiW Board Chair, Jean Bowen-Smith, will lead a prayer teaching from the final chapter of the book:  How to Pray and Never Run Out of Words/Praying the Scriptures by Marty Prudhomme.

12 noon to 1 p.m.— Nada from Lebanon will update us on the way God is on the move throughout this region and how we can continue working together for His glory and purposes throughout 2021.

We hope you will be able to join us!

For THIS Reason:

this and that

But let all who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice,
Let them ever sing for joy; Because You cover and shelter them,
Let those who love Your name be joyful and exult in You.

Psalm 5:11 Amplified Bible

This and That

These two simple words are often used together to describe conversation that covers a wide array of topics. For example, “they talked freely and endlessly throughout the evening about this and that.  But, today, I want to draw your attention to a very important reference to this and that found in the Bible:

“For this reason at that time, certain Chaldeans came forward and brought charges against the Jews.” Daniel 3:8 NASB.

Who are these Jews? None other than Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. You may well remember their story and how these malicious charges incurred the wrath of King Nebuchadnezzar and landed them in the midst of the furnace of blazing fire intended to bring about their demise. Why? Because they refused to worship the king and his golden idol. They worshiped the Lord our God and Him alone they served. They were thrown into the fire fully clothed with hats on their heads and without delay. But in the end, not a hair on their heads was singed, the fire had NO effect on their bodies or clothing (even their hats!), and when they came out of this furnace of blazing fire, they didn’t even smell like smoke.

Our this and that may look different, feel different, and even smell different—but make no mistake about it—He is with us in our furnace of affliction even as He was with them. They could have spent their time and mental attention focused on their hardships or even their losses, but their sense of this and that focused on the timing and purpose of God’s perfect plan. The result? For this reason at that time, the one true God became known as the One who is with us in and delivers us through the fire!

This REASON? His love, abundant and free; His mercies, new every single morning in spite of our circumstances; and His salvation through the fires of uncertainty, temptation, and even loss. And for this reason, the women we serve in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are singing for joy. Why? Because they take refuge in Christ and He does not disappoint. He is with them in the fire of their affliction. And He is using YOU as part of our team to cover, to shelter, to equip, empower, and to exult along with them!

And THAT TIME? Well, here at Women in the Window International we believe THAT TIME is Now!

Yes, we are living in a time that will also be noted in history. The global pandemic of 2020-2021 has touched every life on the planet and undoubtedly altered the course of history. In days to come, it will become known as “that time,” when our Women in the Window ministry partners across the globe suffered in silence. Because of YOU, they are now rejoicing and Journey from Trauma to Triumph.

Here are just a few inspiring “this and that” stories of women in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and how YOU have been an essential part of their deliverance through and out of their own fires of affliction:


Growing Together! Just one year ago, women in India reported that they were Suffering in Silence. As a result of WiW, 92 women have participated and now we are hearing a VERY different report. Just listen:

Zoom call

Trauma Intervention training has been a great blessing for me. All the sessions are useful, but the lesson of suffering has proved to be very helpful for my personal life. I needed this kind of encouragement for my current state of mind and God, the Father, has spoken to me through this training. For this, I thank the Lord very much


Your prayers and investment are making a tremendous impact on the lives of women in India!

The Journey from Trauma to Triumph with all trainers & participants was exciting, surprising, active, eye-opening, creative, expressive, encouraging, enhancing, challenging, practical and Blessed. ~Women in the Window Regional Ministry Associate, Mrs. Koki Desai

“Thanks a ton for considering me for this training. A few years back I remember I just prayed once and said Lord if it is your will, I want to do a counseling course and then I forgot about it. And He fulfilled the desire of my heart. I am thankful to God as well as to you whom He is using magnificently. I am blessed beyond my expectations.”

“Women in the Window should organize more and more training sessions and may God give me the opportunity to be a part of these lovely trainings.”


Rejoicing together! WiW partners with Nyanam International in the Horn of Africa for a narrative inductive Bible study training and the Voice of Change curriculum launch. Voice of Change brings hope to these widows as they recognize they are NOT alone and their voice matters to God.

In the past year, in spite of Covid-19 limitations, Women in the Window in partnership with Jackie Odhiambo of Nyanam International has advanced the Kingdom of God among the widows in Kenya. As of January 2021, outreach has grown from less than 100 widows in late 2019, to more than 300 widows.

The first training of several planned and budgeted for 2021, provided an opportunity for Nyanam to launch their Voice of Change curriculum AND for the widows to benefit from the biblical view of widowhood. They know with great insight and intimacy that God loves widows. And they learned that they can design social change projects to improve their lives. YOU are making a difference in Africa!

Prisca, “I have looked into the Bible, like a gardener tilling her farm.  I realize that I hadn’t been taught how to study the Bible well. It seems those who have been teaching me the Bible haven’t done it well. I have welcomed this training, God bless you!”

Esther, “I have learned today that no matter the challenge I go through, I should remember that I am not alone. Our issues may be different, but when I return to my leadership circle, I want others to know that they are not alone in their suffering, they are with God. And for young widows, I will remind them that they shouldn’t feel forced into leviratic marriage, the have the power to make a decision that is right for their life.”

Mary, “I have learned the value of understanding the depth of the word of God and applying what I have learnt in my life. I plan to teach those who are ready to listen, starting with my leadership circle, and then my church. I will teach them using the method that Women in the Window used to teach us. This type of training should be happening constantly so that we don’t forget what we have learnt, and the lessons can carry forward.”

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Learning Together! Women in the Window International continues to rejoice in our multiple opportunities to learn and grow with women in the MENA region. We were honored to provide point leadership for the annual Women’s Working Group sessions as we gathered from the Middle East and North Africa. But this time, we met online and have plans to meet again at the conclusion of Ramadan. Pray with us that God will visit Muslims during Ramadan in dreams and visions to reveal Himself as the way, the truth, and the life—John 14:6.

Here are a few of the comments we received from recent MENA trainings and events:

  • I got a clear message from God and it renews my strength to Serve others. Bless you.
  • Thank you so much WiW for this beautiful and blessed time together!
  • This time was a blessing and looking forward to sharing with others.

We NEED YOUR help with these upcoming training events and projects:

  • Health training for refugees in the Middle East
  • Micro-business for women in war-torn Sudan & South Sudan
  • Servant Leadership and Spiritual Life training for women in North Africa
  • nepal updateTwo by Two times 100 in Asia—Women in the Window is growing across Asia. We are multiplying the impact of our partnership and impact across Nepal to reach women in five different training locations. Their women are multiplying as well:
  • India! Our WiW Regional Ministry Associate provides oversight for the entire subcontinent. Her growing leadership team is multiplying to the north, south, east, and west …
  • Gather & Grow—a quarterly WiW online training that is connecting women across cultures and generations with practical and powerful training plus great fellowship. The next Gather & Grow includes Kitchen Gardens and how to provide sustainable food sources.
  • Essentials is now being translated into Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, and French


virtual team party

Clean Hands Clean Heart

Clean Hands Clean Heart - Elizabeth Part 2

“Did you wash your hands?”

While this may not be a culturally correct and commonly asked question in West Africa, this is exactly what women are learning to ask of those they love. However, through the pandemic there has been more education about the benefits of handwashing before sitting down to a communal meal. Women in the Window International has been educating about the benefits for years through our Health trainings, and now, through the Clean Hands, Clean Heart training, we are providing a whole lot more!

Our ministry partner, Amevivina Care, led by Mama Elizabeth and her growing team, bring this tangible message of the Good News to women in rural villages who may not have heard the gospel. Help us fund a training this month that empowers them with an opportunity for a micro-business making soap and sanitizers. $3,500 provides these women with training, hands on experience, and an initial inventory to sell. Donate here

And before we let you go, here’s a personal Clean Hands, Clean Heart challenge: Every time you wash your hands, think about the attitude of your heart. Is it washed clean by the love of Jesus? Does it rest in that love? Does it reflect that love?

Surrounded by His grace, surrendered to His love,


Mama Elizabeth
Mama Elizabeth



Introducing Celine

Though we’ve never met Celine…we thank God that Mama Elizabeth has! 

Women in the Window wants to introduce you to Celine. Not Celine Dion, the famous Canadian vocalist, but Celine the single mom. Celine is a young West African woman who was severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Her life was difficult prior to the pandemic but became nearly impossible as they sheltered in place. All the while, Elizabeth, one of our incredibly creative women leaders, was exhibiting the patience of Christ, as she was poised with a purpose—a purpose of provision for women like Celine!

 Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received EVERY DAY.
Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received

Elizabeth’s Clean Hands + Clean Hearts training and enterprise is enabling women to not merely survive, but to thrive! Celine now has a sustainable business and is finding ways to market her products to provide for herself and her children. She is also helping her community with cleaning products that literally help eradicate the virus.  And not only that, we can joyfully share with you,  that you can meet Elizabeth during our next First Friday Prayer zoom gathering February 5 at noon.

Celine's days are now filled with JOY!
Celine’s days are now filled with JOY!

Last but not at all least, her heart of love and joy (John 15:11) is overflowing as she shares the Good News of this Savior who loves us so much that He gave His very life to make our hearts into His Home.
It has been our joy to introduce you to Celine. And…it is our joy to introduce you to an opportunity to get involved in a big way. In the month of February, WiW Ministry Partner, Elizabeth in West Africa (whom you’ve just read about) will be training another 30+ women in WiW’s Microbusiness capacity training which will equip even more single mothers like Celine to be able to support themselves and their families. $3500 provides what is needed for these women to receive lifechanging training. Will you pray about partnering with WiW and Elizabeth?

Yours because I’m His,

Donate to Clean Hands Clean Heart Project

Intoxicating Joy


As the new year, 2021, begins, I would like to begin with a question.  In recent days have you been known to do something simply because of joy? Anything at all? I daresay that is a difficult question for me, and for all 7 billion+ people on our planet. Nevertheless, it is joy that will enable us to overcome political turmoil, economic downturn, even a global pandemic. In the book of Acts, we read the story of how an imprisoned Peter had been miraculously released as an angel woke him and safely led him out the prison doors.  Listen to this brief excerpt of his encounter with a young servant girl named Rhoda as Peter knocks on the door of the gate:

“When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her joy she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter was standing in front of the gate. They said to her, “You are out of your mind!” But she kept insisting that it was so. They said, “It is his angel.” But Peter continued knocking; and when they had opened the door, they saw him and were amazed.”  Acts 12:14-16

Because of her joy, Rhoda failed to open the gate for Peter. It is actually a bit amusing to think of Peter standing outside the gate, while she runs into the house where everyone was gathered in prayer just for him. But God includes this in His Word to demonstrate for us the intoxicating JOY of answered prayer.

Yes, as 2021 begins, many are deeply concerned about the conditions of our world, and even our own nation, and for very good reasons. But what if we decided to take all these concerns to the LORD in prayer? And what if we do so in a Spirit of unity? And with a sense of expectation that God will hear AND that our God will answer? I am convinced that our God is waiting, watching, and listening for our cries. And I am convinced that God will answer and achieve infinitely more than your greatest request!

Joyfully Serving Christ with you,

Year End Goal Thanks


Through YOUR Generous Giving our Year End Goal
was abundantly met!

Our hearts overflow with praise because of YOU and your generous support. We asked God for abundant resources to serve women during 2020 and the global pandemic. You have not only met these needs, but enabled us to exceed our goal. Ephesians 3:20 from The Passion Translation sums it up well:

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

More than 4,000 women leaders in Africa, Asia and the Middle East experienced His miraculous power replacing poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ and they are multiplying the blessing:

  • More than 100 African women complete Micro-business training and dozens start businesses
  • More than 500 receive COVID relief kits and trauma counseling
  • More than 50 Asian women receive lay counseling training
  • More than 25 Middle Eastern trained as trainers in biblical servant leadership

LAST but certainly not least—more than 233 widows receive Bibles in their own local Luo dialect! Join us this Friday, January 8th as we prepare and pray for another year asking God to help Women in the Window “achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream and exceed your wildest imagination!” Eph. 3:20 TPT



Meet CherifaMeet Cherifa (on the right).
This Friday at our
First Friday Prayer Gathering.

You are INVITED: Join us this Friday as we gather online for prayer with Cherifa, one of our faithful Middle East-North Africa ministry partners as she shares the opportunities we are embracing together.

Here’s the schedule. Choose the best time for you to join the call:
11:30 to 12 noon—WiW prayer team leads a prayer teaching from the 4th chapter of the book: How to Pray and Never Run Out of Words/Praying the Scriptures by Marty Prudhomme.*

12 noon to 1 p.m.— Cherifa will update us on the way God is on the move throughout this region and how we can anticipate working together for His glory and purposes in 2021.

We hope you will be able to join us for our very first Friday prayer gathering of this new year!

Rejoicing in Him,