Clean Hands Clean Heart

Clean Hands Clean Heart - Elizabeth Part 2

“Did you wash your hands?”

While this may not be a culturally correct and commonly asked question in West Africa, this is exactly what women are learning to ask of those they love. However, through the pandemic there has been more education about the benefits of handwashing before sitting down to a communal meal. Women in the Window International has been educating about the benefits for years through our Health trainings, and now, through the Clean Hands, Clean Heart training, we are providing a whole lot more!

Our ministry partner, Amevivina Care, led by Mama Elizabeth and her growing team, bring this tangible message of the Good News to women in rural villages who may not have heard the gospel. Help us fund a training this month that empowers them with an opportunity for a micro-business making soap and sanitizers. $3,500 provides these women with training, hands on experience, and an initial inventory to sell. Donate here

And before we let you go, here’s a personal Clean Hands, Clean Heart challenge: Every time you wash your hands, think about the attitude of your heart. Is it washed clean by the love of Jesus? Does it rest in that love? Does it reflect that love?

Surrounded by His grace, surrendered to His love,


Mama Elizabeth
Mama Elizabeth



Introducing Celine

Though we’ve never met Celine…we thank God that Mama Elizabeth has! 

Women in the Window wants to introduce you to Celine. Not Celine Dion, the famous Canadian vocalist, but Celine the single mom. Celine is a young West African woman who was severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Her life was difficult prior to the pandemic but became nearly impossible as they sheltered in place. All the while, Elizabeth, one of our incredibly creative women leaders, was exhibiting the patience of Christ, as she was poised with a purpose—a purpose of provision for women like Celine!

 Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received EVERY DAY.
Celine uses the WiW microbusiness training she received

Elizabeth’s Clean Hands + Clean Hearts training and enterprise is enabling women to not merely survive, but to thrive! Celine now has a sustainable business and is finding ways to market her products to provide for herself and her children. She is also helping her community with cleaning products that literally help eradicate the virus.  And not only that, we can joyfully share with you,  that you can meet Elizabeth during our next First Friday Prayer zoom gathering February 5 at noon.

Celine's days are now filled with JOY!
Celine’s days are now filled with JOY!

Last but not at all least, her heart of love and joy (John 15:11) is overflowing as she shares the Good News of this Savior who loves us so much that He gave His very life to make our hearts into His Home.
It has been our joy to introduce you to Celine. And…it is our joy to introduce you to an opportunity to get involved in a big way. In the month of February, WiW Ministry Partner, Elizabeth in West Africa (whom you’ve just read about) will be training another 30+ women in WiW’s Microbusiness capacity training which will equip even more single mothers like Celine to be able to support themselves and their families. $3500 provides what is needed for these women to receive lifechanging training. Will you pray about partnering with WiW and Elizabeth?

Yours because I’m His,

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Intoxicating Joy


As the new year, 2021, begins, I would like to begin with a question.  In recent days have you been known to do something simply because of joy? Anything at all? I daresay that is a difficult question for me, and for all 7 billion+ people on our planet. Nevertheless, it is joy that will enable us to overcome political turmoil, economic downturn, even a global pandemic. In the book of Acts, we read the story of how an imprisoned Peter had been miraculously released as an angel woke him and safely led him out the prison doors.  Listen to this brief excerpt of his encounter with a young servant girl named Rhoda as Peter knocks on the door of the gate:

“When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her joy she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter was standing in front of the gate. They said to her, “You are out of your mind!” But she kept insisting that it was so. They said, “It is his angel.” But Peter continued knocking; and when they had opened the door, they saw him and were amazed.”  Acts 12:14-16

Because of her joy, Rhoda failed to open the gate for Peter. It is actually a bit amusing to think of Peter standing outside the gate, while she runs into the house where everyone was gathered in prayer just for him. But God includes this in His Word to demonstrate for us the intoxicating JOY of answered prayer.

Yes, as 2021 begins, many are deeply concerned about the conditions of our world, and even our own nation, and for very good reasons. But what if we decided to take all these concerns to the LORD in prayer? And what if we do so in a Spirit of unity? And with a sense of expectation that God will hear AND that our God will answer? I am convinced that our God is waiting, watching, and listening for our cries. And I am convinced that God will answer and achieve infinitely more than your greatest request!

Joyfully Serving Christ with you,

Year End Goal Thanks


Through YOUR Generous Giving our Year End Goal
was abundantly met!

Our hearts overflow with praise because of YOU and your generous support. We asked God for abundant resources to serve women during 2020 and the global pandemic. You have not only met these needs, but enabled us to exceed our goal. Ephesians 3:20 from The Passion Translation sums it up well:

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

More than 4,000 women leaders in Africa, Asia and the Middle East experienced His miraculous power replacing poverty and injustice with dignity and purpose in Christ and they are multiplying the blessing:

  • More than 100 African women complete Micro-business training and dozens start businesses
  • More than 500 receive COVID relief kits and trauma counseling
  • More than 50 Asian women receive lay counseling training
  • More than 25 Middle Eastern trained as trainers in biblical servant leadership

LAST but certainly not least—more than 233 widows receive Bibles in their own local Luo dialect! Join us this Friday, January 8th as we prepare and pray for another year asking God to help Women in the Window “achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream and exceed your wildest imagination!” Eph. 3:20 TPT



Meet CherifaMeet Cherifa (on the right).
This Friday at our
First Friday Prayer Gathering.

You are INVITED: Join us this Friday as we gather online for prayer with Cherifa, one of our faithful Middle East-North Africa ministry partners as she shares the opportunities we are embracing together.

Here’s the schedule. Choose the best time for you to join the call:
11:30 to 12 noon—WiW prayer team leads a prayer teaching from the 4th chapter of the book: How to Pray and Never Run Out of Words/Praying the Scriptures by Marty Prudhomme.*

12 noon to 1 p.m.— Cherifa will update us on the way God is on the move throughout this region and how we can anticipate working together for His glory and purposes in 2021.

We hope you will be able to join us for our very first Friday prayer gathering of this new year!

Rejoicing in Him,

Lakota Team is Home with a Great Report

Our WiW Lakota team (Mary, Kathy & Leecy) has returned and could not be more grateful for all the ways God blessed our trauma healing training last week! More than a dozen Native American women leaders attended our Women in the Window training on the Cheyenne River Reservation at a beautiful spot called the Moreau River Sanctuary. Lynn Huber, a member of Red Warrior Ministries Church, our local Native American ministry connection, served as a powerful liaison to this community. As you may notice in the pictures, the Sanctuary is a beautifully decorated retreat center with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. A perfect setting to begin the healing process from a lifetime of trauma.

As the women settled in, it didn’t take long to discover that their problems were deep and that the destructive legacy of abandonment, substance abuse and violence seemed to touch every woman present. And throughout the trauma healing training we saw how these wounds of trauma constantly pulled them down. Yet at the same time there was clearly a powerful surrender to Jesus as their prayers were spoken with deep humility. All of these women leaders were clearly touched by the love of Christ during each aspect of this experience.

A highlight of every trauma healing training is the forgiveness ceremony.  Each woman is invited to write down her pains, sorrows, losses including those who hurt her, those she needs to forgive and then symbolically brings them all to the cross.  This powerful ceremony touched all our hearts in profound and meaningful ways.

Another highlight of the final day was a chance to creatively express how each participant planned to apply the timeless truths we learned from the Women in the Window inductive narrative Bible study. The elements of WiW Bible study include Observation, Interpretation and Application. Looking through these “windows” enabled us to effectively study the life of Abigail. Two of the timeless truths discovered through the Interpretation window are:

1) a humble approach defuses a tense situation.
2) no matter how bad your situation is, God can use you.

Here is a favorite creative expression penned by one of our North American sisters through the Application Window:

Being an Abigail

She keeps asking me to do this or that.
Got me feeling like a dusty doormat.
Walked on and walked over;
All it does is enable her to never be sober.
I got a bit of David in me.
Out there trying to survive in the wilderness like he.
Seeking a break or consolation for all them favors I done made—
Not a single one has been repaid.

In a world full of foolish Nabals,
Why don’t I turn the tables.
Lord, let me be more like the biblical Abigail.
Surely then, I won’t fail.
I’m gonna stop in my thought track.
I’m gonna approach this with some tact.
Ask myself what would be most humble;
Doing nothing that would cause me to fumble.
You know Abigail didn’t hesitate—
She knew the right thing to do, right out of the gate.

I guess I haven’t always known the right thing to do like dear old Abby.
But I can become more Holy Spirit savvy.
Instead of the constant resentment in the past,
I could teach her about the words in the Bible I hold fast.
Testify about a God that turned my life around—
That His love for us is so tremendous, it abounds.
Hopefully that can be a seed planted in her life
To cause a change so great there’ll be no more room for strife.
We can get along in perfect harmony;
What a beautiful future that will be!

On Sunday, Mary, Leecy and Lynn had a chance to serve with Pastor Jerome Slidesoff of the Red Warriors Ministry Church in their Thanksgiving extravaganza. Pastor Jerome is the only Native American pastor on the Cheyenne River Reservation.  The Community Center in Eagle Butte was packed out to hear the gospel presentation.  One highlight was a young Native man who told his story of how God had set him free from a life of drug abuse and homelessness.  Don Lee told the crowd, “I was a hopeless dope addict but now I am a dopeless hope addict.”  When Pastor Jerome invited people to come forward to receive Christ, more than a dozen Lakota men and women stepped forward to begin following Jesus!  Afterward we served turkey, stuffing, etc. to a seemingly endless line of hungry folks.

We thank the Lord for this training, and each of you for your prayers and generous gifts which made this Women in the Window trip a success. Please continue to pray for our Women in the Window partnership with these Lakota ladies:

Please pray:

  1. That each woman will understand and continue to meditate on the reality that she is deeply loved by God, as His Beloved, part of the Bride of Christ. “I will call those who were not my people, my people, and those her who was not beloved, Beloved.” Romans 9:25


  1. That the transformational process of healing begun during this Trauma Healing training will continue as the women go back to their everyday life.  Many of these women face extremely challenging family and work situations.
  2. That the WiW inductive narrative Bible study method will make the Word of God come alive for these women and that they will learn to both teach and live the truths they discover that God includes women in His Story, for His glory!


  1. That God will raise up a leader or two from the Native American women present and those who have participated in the previous WiW trainings on the Reservation. This is Women in the Window’s 5th training in 4 years on this Reservation and we are asking God to bring a rich harvest as a result of these years of sowing and watering “seeds” of His love in their hearts.

Yours because I’m His,
Kim on behalf of our Lakota team


essentials book

In a world where what is essential to our lives is often defined for us, it is imperative that we as women, in this generation and those that follow, can live a life that showcases that which is truly essential to the soul of who we are and allows us to leave behind a legacy that mirrors the same. I’m thrilled to tell you about my new book, Essentials.

So, just what is essential? My research with women of various cultures and generations identified these five areas:

  • Relationships that matter
  • Beauty that lasts
  • Education that has an impact
  • Fertility and motherhood
  • Creativity that leads to generosity

Essentials inductive narrative Bible study provides an applicable and immersive experience for the reader by bringing to life the stories of the women in the Bible and how we can identify with them. I love what Basma Gammoh of Arab Woman Today had to say: “Women not only need to know how to read the Bible, but to find themselves between the lines… and pursue a joyful Journey as women from different countries unite around the One Divine Story.” Essentials is already being translated into Arabic.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me and many other women, studying as individuals, in small groups, and one on one, as together we connect women across cultures and generations!

Yours Because I’m His,

P.S. Each purchase of this book makes it possible for women in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to receive a free copy. Visit to purchase a copy for yourselves and a friend or two and join the Essentials conversation.

Get Your Copy of Essentials Now

2020 END OF YEAR. We did it!…well, almost…

video screenshot

We did it!! Well, almost…

Did what, you ask? We got through 2020, and that, my friend, is quite an accomplishment. As we round the corner towards the end of this year that has been described as unprecedented more times than I can count, I want to pause to say THANK YOU for helping us not only survive, but truly thrive in 2020.

I know you have many options of which organization, church or ministry to support. So, it is with the utmost delight that I express our deep gratitude for your decision to partner with Women in the Window. More than 4,000 women received emotional, physical, and spiritual resources that have truly transformed their lives and the lives of those they serve, as a result of your generous gifts!

Amazingly, through the limitations of 2020, we have expanded our reach to include more nations that have been out of reach until now. Nations like Libya, Kuwait and Iraq through online training that connects women across cultures and generations. Young women from India connected with women trained in WiW capacity building skills in the Middle East. African and Asian women receive COVID-relief kits and then create their own entrepreneurial outreach.

I could go on and on because there is SO much good news to share in a year that seemingly held only hard, cold and dismal reports. Instead, we invite you to visit our website to see for yourselves the growing numbers of women and girls WiW impacts. Our confident expectation for God’s goodness continues into 2021. And that’s where you come in. Yes, 2020 is almost over and the new year is about to begin.

The needs are growing and with them come key opportunities. Our year-end giving goal of $50,000 will position us to expand our reach higher and further than ever before. Will you help us finish 2020 strong?

Loving Christmas greetings to you and yours,

P.S. Speaking of Christmas greetings, if you haven’t been wished a Merry Christmas in Nepalese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, or an African dialect, tune in to the first five minutes of our WiW International Christmas Celebration!

Year End Gift

Watch Christmas Greetings Here

in the fullness of time

Let us be the “Esther”

Many have heard the story of Queen Esther, an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai, and positioned by God Himself to deliver her nation from an evil demise. The pinnacle of the story became a moment of deliverance as God set His people free from evil. Esther was given a choice—stand with God or fall with evil. She chose the first although it involved great risk to herself and her people. God honors her courage and obedience. The people of God are delivered as a result, and their lives overflow with joy and gladness (see Esther 8:15-17). Esther herself enjoyed full authority in a region from India to Ethiopia (Esther 8:9)!

We are facing a day that is no less dangerous for the people of God. This Sunday, November 3, 2019, is designated International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church .  And then, Women in the Window International is inviting you to join us and our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for a 3-day fast*, Monday through Wednesday, November 4 – 6. Our ministry partners in North Africa and the Middle East are facing incredibly difficult times.  What will your choice be? Join us as we call out to God on their behalf! Your prayers will become part of a mighty chorus of fervent prayer, for such a time as this!

Here are the urgent prayer requests from Algeria: 1. The reopening of their churches! 2. Protection of the pastors and their families. 3. Encouragement of Algerian Christians. 4. Justice for Christians taken to court and imprisoned for their faith. 5.  Algerian government to rule justly.

Urgent request from Lebanon: Let us gather in spirit as an army of prayer warriors to lift up our dear country Lebanon, before God, and plead for His mercy. May He point out the “Haman” in the Lebanese story, and lift up the “Mordecai.” And, let us all be the “Esther’s” who will intercede for Lebanon. 

This November we will send two Women In the Window teams to the field—one to the Lakota Native American women for a Trauma Healing Workshop, November 20-25; and one to serve with a group of 100 widows in Sub-Saharan Africa, November 24-28. This unique and exciting training will be led by South Sudanese women who have been trained in Women in the Window International micro-enterprise trainings. Specific prayer requests will be sent as they prepare to depart.

Last but not least: Please Join us for our Women in the Window International Fall Event, an evening of praise and prayer; Remember & Rejoice! Details follow:

Thank you for your choice to stand with us in prayer . . . for such a time as this.

Yours because I’m His,

P.S. Remember, fasting may include going without food or drink or it may be a fast of movies, social media, dessert, or anything that you treasure. Ask God what is an appropriate fast for you, and He will gladly show you!

East African Widows Training is Underway

We are delighted to inform you that our ministry initiative with widows in East Africa is fully underway! Two of our women leaders from Africa Inland Church traveled from South Sudan to Kenya to provide much needed micro-enterprise training for a group of 30 widows. This is quite exciting on many fronts as Women in the Window International has a great opportunity to reverse the curse of their situation. You see, widows in the developing world; nations of Africa & Asia specifically, are treated with shame rather than honor. Their physical, emotional and relational needs are ignored. Simply because they are widows, they are deprived basic necessities of life instead of receiving care and support as they should. This is both sad and shocking.

With this training, our women leaders from Sudan and South Sudan, Mama Paula and Mama Margaret, are providing business skills training to enable them to not only start but sustain a thriving business!

Make sure you visit our WiW Facebook page and stay tuned for an opportunity to help us provide a follow-up training in early 2020 as these 30 widows widen their impact to 100 widows and more!!

Please join us in prayer and praise—
Praise God for our new ministry initiative with widows in East Africa established by an energetic young Kenyan woman, Jackie, and her team of five! Praise for the safety of Mama’s Paula & Margaret! Praise God for the 30+ widows who are enjoying the training and already planning their future businesses.

Pray for an anointing on each lesson taught asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate the WiW curriculum to enable the widows to understand in their own heart language what is being taught and assimilate the biblical truths and practical lessons into their current and future situations.

Pray for God to unite our hearts with the widows so that we can empower and equip still more in 2020!

Philippians 4:18-19, “I have received full payment and even more; I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Yours because I’m His,