Volunteer Spotlight

Women in the Window International is delighted to introduce our featured volunteer, Deena Jean!
A student at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Deena is studying International Business. After volunteering for our Spring Luncheon, Deena decided to complete her internship at Women in the Window. Deena has been instrumental in adjusting the microenterprise training manual through editing and adding relevant Scripture for each lesson. This past semester we have had the pleasure to witness Deena’s passion for the Lord, her eagerness to go above and beyond whenever possible, and kindness in every interaction.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about Deena in the brief interview below.  If God is leading you to serve with WiW, please learn more about our volunteer opportunities and contact us!

What compelled you to serve with Women in the Window?
As I was doing my internship search, I was referred to Women in the Window by my school’s career development office. I looked at the Women in the Window Web page, where I read their vision and mission statement. After viewing these I knew that it was an organization I would love to be a part of. Their overall goal matched my goal in life: working to make a social impact while bringing people the gospel. When I met Ms. Kim Kerr, I was definitely convinced that I was in the right place.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of your internship?
Getting to know and being able to interact with the ladies involved with Women in the Window has been the most enjoyable aspect of my internship thus far. This experience was the highlight as I knew that working with these women in the office on seemingly small tasks had a greater impact on the overall mission of the organization. The work we were doing together was the foundation of a greater work.

What’s one of the most interesting things you’ve learned about WiW’s ministry?
Among the many interesting facts I have learned over the last few months about Women in the Window, including their story and how they came into being, for me the most interesting was the fact that Ms. Kim Kerr has had no previous official business training. Knowing this amazed me and put me in awe of God as He continues to work and move through her as the leader of this wonderful organization. By having passion, drive and trust in the Lord, she has made it very far, and is persistently and effortlessly rising above to build God’s kingdom in a beautiful way.

Where have you traveled with the ministry and how did that trip influence you?
I have not yet traveled with Women in the Window. I would love to be able to go to Ghana with them next year. In Ghana I would be given the opportunity to not only help great women in a way I have always dreamed of, but I would also have a chance to practice and/or continue working on my French, which will help close the language barrier, and in turn allowing for a stronger, closer relationship.

What is a passage of Scripture that has special significance for you?
Proverbs 3:5-6 has a personal meaning to me. When I was in high school, my cousin had a dream about an angel going before me and wiping my path clear. I was then led to this verse for the first time and knew God brought it to my attention for a reason. This trust that Solomon tells us to have does not become ineffective after a few things in your path become clear, it continues on and on. In this season of my life as I am looking at graduation soon, this verse comes as a comfort as well as Psalm 32:8. I believe this concept of trust is one of the main foundations of faith. As we trust wholly in the Lord, we will not have to worry about anything else. It is at that point where we begin to live out our true purpose in life.