Volunteer Spotlight

Women in the Window127 crop JacquieWomen in the Window International is delighted to introduce our featured volunteer, Jacquie Anderson! Jacquie serves as one of our mighty Prayer Coordinators, so she and her co-leader work closely with our Executive Director to oversee our prayer strategy for the entire ministry. She cheerfully supports all of Women in the Window’s ministry activities, including annual events and office administration, and she traveled to Turkey in 2013 to help with a conference for women throughout the Arab world. Jacquie’s ready smile, prayerful focus, and eagerness to serve have made her a tremendous blessing to our ministry.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about Jacquie in the brief interview below.  If God is leading you to serve with WiW, please learn more about our volunteer opportunities and contact us!

What compelled you to serve with Women in the Window?
I can honestly say that the Lord led me to serve with Women in the Window.  I first met Kim and Jessica three years ago when I was led by the Lord to go Turkey. By His amazing providence, He led me to Kim and Jessica through an Internet search for “ministry opportunities in Turkey.” The rest, as they say, is history!

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your volunteer experience so far?
The most enjoyable aspect of my volunteer experience has been meeting and getting to know so many wonderful sisters in the Lord here in the US and in the 10/40 Window. It has been such a blessing and a privilege to serve with these wonderfully strong and godly women.

What’s one of the most interesting things you’ve learned about WiW’s ministry?
Women in the Window is about building relationships with women in other countries and serving them through teaching and leadership development. The women are learning their value and purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Where have you traveled with WiW?  How did you see God use the training to transform the women and yourself personally?
I traveled to Turkey with Kim in 2013, and plan to travel to a different location overseas at the end of the year to again serve our North African and Middle Eastern sisters.  I’ve seen very strong women in the Lord, who have experienced and overcome tremendous amounts of persecution, refreshed and encouraged in our Savior and God.  In 2013 I saw women from about 12 nations (including 6 different languages) meet and worship together as sisters in one accord. It was a tiny glimpse of eternity.

What is a passage of Scripture that has special significance for you?
My life verse is Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” This verse is significant for me as I consider the things that have happened in my past that could have destroyed my life and even ended it, but for the grace and mercy of God.  Instead, Jesus rescued and healed me, and now I am able to declare His marvelous and wondrous works. I see the same is true of the women we serve.  These women are living in or coming out of incredible hardship. They are living in some of the most difficult countries to live in as women, and being a Christian makes it even harder.  They are often outnumbered, threatened, and abused because they are women and followers of Christ. And yet, they continue to serve the Lord and declare His greatness! It’s so inspiring.